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Jan 21, 2008 09:40 AM

What will you serve for the superbowl?

Now that we know who will play in the super bowl, (The Patriots and Giants) my question is...I want to plan the food theme to fit..... New England and New York football food, what should I serve? It has to progress through the game, easy to serve and eat, good for wandering around as you watch the game. I have some thought, but want to hear other ideas. Thanks!

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  1. firing up the smoker for some bbq babyback ribs, and a beef brisket. Also serving crab legs, guacamole & chips, deep fried chicken wings, and a 3 foot italian sub. For drinks, alot of beer, and alot of tequila and vodka. Having a small party, the game will probably be a bust, but at least it is a chance to get together with friends, and have a good time. I also took the next day off from work to recover..

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      We always prepare food from the opposing teams region for our tailgates. We played new england in the pre-season-here are some links of things I made-

      Lobster Rolls-

      Cider Cooler- we also had rum and vodka for those that wanted to make it a cocktail

      Dan'l Webster Inn Fresh Chive and Bacon Dip-

      As for New York- subs, wings, NY-style pizza.

      Have fun!

    2. you might want to post a request on the boston board for suggestions of regional faves.

      for new york it's obviously all about long as it's GOOD, ny-style pizza. the other thing you could do is offer various things that one might normally get from an nyc street vendor. i'm thinking peanuts & soft pretzels, kosher hot dogs and/or kielbasa with various toppings, a variety of knishes, falafel...heck, aside from the knishes & falafel it's pretty much stadium food.

      go giants!!!

      1. The problem with trying to do a regional theme is that football food is football food no matter where you are. We eat the same sort of things here in Boston that people eat at football games everywhere else: pizza, wings, barbecue, subs, chili, guac, beer...

        1. Hot italian sausage and pepper (and onion) hero. You can make a big batch of this and keep it warm in a crock pot and have a bag with rolls for people to make individual sandwiches.

          Oh yeah, GO GIANTS!!!