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Jan 21, 2008 08:59 AM


Hi all (^_^)

I will going to Chicago for business beginning of Feb for a couple days & staying at the INN of Chicago on E. Ohio St. and would like to know where there is some really good sushi rest. in the area. My hubby will be accompanying me and when it comes to sushi, we like it all..from yellowfin, salmon, unagi to a bit uncommon like giant clam (geoduck), sea urchin & the like. Any suggestions?

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  1. Head over to Randolf and eat at Sushi Wabi. It's worth the cab ride.

    1. You are only a few blocks away from Oysy (50 E Grand), which is my personal favorite for sushi. Go on a weekday lunch, and get a bento box with a HUGE spread for $14. All of their specialty rolls are great and artfully presented, and the sushi is fresh.

      1. How does Mirai compare to Sushi Wabi?

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          Mirai and Sushi Wabi are both wonderful. I like Mirai a little better, but Sushi Wabi is closer to the mag mile for the OP.

          For the OP, there is a decent sushi restaurant very close to your hotel, Kamehachi. Kamehachi is reliable and decently priced, but there isn't much there that would be adventurous. Mirai and Sushi Wabi are in a whole other league far above Kamehachi.

        2. Another place that isn't too far from where you're staying is Ai. I would put the quality of fish on par with Mirai. There's a nice variety of stuff, with a lot of different fish that you don't normally see at other places (shima aji, fugu, etc). They also have ankimo sometimes, which earns them huge bonus points in my book.

          Ai Sushi & Lounge
          358 W Ontario St., Chicago, IL 60654