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Jan 21, 2008 08:55 AM

ATL - nice early dinner along I-75

Friends are driving thru from St. Louis to FL on Weds. We want to meet somewhere for early dinner (4-5 pm) somewhere very convenient along 75, between maybe Chastain and the Galleria. Quiet is preferable. Price range in the $15 - 20/person zone.

Our guests are older ladies on a long car trip, so they may not be up for trying anything really exotic.

Thanks for suggestions!

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  1. Houston's might do the trick. Yes a chain but a very good one.
    Blue Ridge Grill would also be good although a bit expensive.

    1. Nice quiet place....I'd suggest The River Room. May be a little bit more than your price but there's plenty to choose from. Menu's safe. C & S Oyster Bar is loud and a little pricey. Houston's isn't inexpensive either and usually there's a good wait. Also there's Thai Diner...all these suggestions on Northside Parkway/US41 Mt. Paran exit. Good luck.

      You probably need to check the hours on most of these places (except Houston's)

      1. If they want a little casual comfort food, then both Ted's Montana Grill and Maggianos have opened at Cumberland Mall. These would be easy to find for out-of-towners. Other than that, I second Houston's.

        1. If you are going through town on 75, rather than bypassing on 285, the OK Cafe at the Paces Ferry exit is good retro food. Turn left at the exit ramp and the place will be on your right just as you are crossing Northside. Main reason for this suggestion is this restaurant is close to the interstate and almost impossible to miss.

          At 4 or 5, OK Cafe should not be too noisy.

          1. I second the suggestion for OK Cafe. It's right off of the interstate with lots of familiar choices and an upbeat atmosphere.

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              Make that 3. Definitely comfort food. Houston's right there is also good.