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Jan 21, 2008 08:22 AM

Need Italian grocer in New Haven

I'll be in New Haven this afternoon and am looking to pick up the following products: guanciale, pancetta, and pecorino sardo. Any tips on where to go? I tried Ferraro's but they only have pancetta. Am looking for a speciality store.

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  1. Try Nica's on Orange St. It's great.

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      I ended up at Nica's, turned out well. They carry pancetta and interesting sausages (not just your typical Italian-American fennel stuff). No guanciale or pecorino sardo. Italians working behind the registers. Cool place.

    2. You may try Romeo and Caesar's (www.romeocesare.com) or Nica's, both on Orange Street in New Haven or Liuzzi's on Upper STate Street in North Haven (www.liuzzicheese.com). Its not Arthur Ave Market, but close. Another terrific place, but farther is Gaetano's Salumeria in Stratford CT, but more of a deli and cheese shop than a market, www.gaetanosdeli.com, owner is formerly of Arthur Ave.

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        I called Liuzzi and they carry pecorino sardo. Thanks!

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          Went to Liuzzi, what a selection. Multiple different types of pecorino (two sardo, calabrese, toscano, crotonese, romano, tartufo). Good staff.

      2. By the way, have you ever been to Frigo's on William St. just off I-91 in Springfield's South End? Pretty close to the real deal.

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