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Jan 21, 2008 08:22 AM

Need Italian grocer in New Haven

I'll be in New Haven this afternoon and am looking to pick up the following products: guanciale, pancetta, and pecorino sardo. Any tips on where to go? I tried Ferraro's but they only have pancetta. Am looking for a speciality store.

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  1. Try Nica's on Orange St. It's great.

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    1. re: rosieg

      I ended up at Nica's, turned out well. They carry pancetta and interesting sausages (not just your typical Italian-American fennel stuff). No guanciale or pecorino sardo. Italians working behind the registers. Cool place.

    2. You may try Romeo and Caesar's ( or Nica's, both on Orange Street in New Haven or Liuzzi's on Upper STate Street in North Haven ( Its not Arthur Ave Market, but close. Another terrific place, but farther is Gaetano's Salumeria in Stratford CT, but more of a deli and cheese shop than a market,, owner is formerly of Arthur Ave.

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      1. re: cheereeo

        I called Liuzzi and they carry pecorino sardo. Thanks!

        1. re: fame da lupo

          Went to Liuzzi, what a selection. Multiple different types of pecorino (two sardo, calabrese, toscano, crotonese, romano, tartufo). Good staff.

      2. By the way, have you ever been to Frigo's on William St. just off I-91 in Springfield's South End? Pretty close to the real deal.

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