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Jan 21, 2008 08:04 AM

Decent "lunch" salads Berkeley/Albany (take out)

Something that seems to be missing around here is a decent "to go" salad - I don't mean like Tangerine (on Solano) salads (which are very good), but something like a big Cobb salad or a better type Chef salad, etc - something I can pick up and take home to eat. (Suggestions to go to the Safeway deli counter are going to met with a painful reply!) Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. I feel flagellation coming on but Barneys.

    1. Cafe Panini in downtown Berkeley (right behind Jupiter and Walgreen's) is a good choice.

      1. Is Emeryville too far for you? Buckhorn Grill has those all American style salads that I get a craving for and you can add tri-tip to their salads. Don't feel bad it took a long time to get a "take out" or decent place to get a salad in the city.

        I like the chopped salad at Eccolo.

        Whole Foods salad bar?

        1. Wolfe's right. Barney's has a Cobb salad. Don't know if it's decent or not. Most places that serve burgers or pizza have salads, too. Lo Coco's on Shattuck has a Chef' salad.

          1. My husband had an absolutely delicious salad at Tacqueria Talavera on Solano with lots of greens, grilled red peppers, avocado, and hot CARNITAS. Yum. And not that expensive considering the amount of meat. You can get chicken or beef instead and certainly to go. Really reasonable for the amount of fresh-cooked food.

            Be sure to take some of the salsa/pickles too. The pickled spicy jicama was addictive and added well to my sandwich.