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Jan 21, 2008 07:31 AM


Any recommendations for bottles? And why... Thanks!

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  1. Love the Txomin Etxaniz Txacoli: see post:

    It is the only one I have had the pleasure of drinking, but now I am on the hunt for more!

    1. Yea for Txakoli! I love the Xarmant Txakoli. It should be pretty ubiquitous, and is usually between $12-15. I find it to be very light, but with a smooth, round mouthfeel loads of tropical fruit aromas, tangerine and lime zest and a gentle bubble. So clean and just acidic enough to keep it dangerously refreshing! Awesome eye-catching bottle too.

      1. Where can I find it in NYC? And what about the Talia Berri? Especially the red. Thanks

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          I don't know which one you are referring to, but if you do a search on, you will find where you can buy these wines in NYC. I do know that Union Square Wines has the Txomin, as well as Chelsea Wine Mart in NYC.

          1. re: moh

            Believe swissfood is talking about TALAI Berry, a winery that makes txakoli (the grape is Hondarribi Zuri). I'm not familiar with the winery or the quaity of its wines, but there are many good producers of txakoli. Talai Berry also makes the red wine from Basque country -- Hondarribi Beltza. Unusually, Beltza is part of the blend of the white wine txakoli (about 5% IIRC).

            1. re: maria lorraine

              I have been to the Talai Berri winery ( and was very impressed. Their 2006 Talai-Berri Oreka is their white Txacoli and is crisp, slightly effervescent and with nice citrus flavors. Their 2006 Talai-Berri Txakolin Beltza is their red Txacoli, and they are the only winery I am aware of that sells the red Txacoli commercially. A nice fruity taste and would make a great summer wine. They are inexpensive and both are available in the U.S.

              1. re: RichardA

                Talai Berry is a nive little winery. Pleasant people too. Their red is a bit unusal, however I've never seen it in the states. Most decent stores in NYC have at least 1-2 Txacoli's now. I prefer the Getaria varaiant. There is a store that specializes in Spanish wines (and Basque too) on 1st Ave @ about 5th street.

                1. re: MOREKASHA

                  I think the store in NYC you are referring to is Tinto Fino ( I have been there and think it is an excellent store.

                  According to Talai Berri, the red Txacoli is available in the U,S. If you find their white somewhere, the distributor should be able to get the red as well.

                  1. re: RichardA

                    I don't know if it was the producer you mention above, but I'm pretty sure I've seen red Txacoli at Astor Wines.