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Aug 2, 2001 07:57 PM

Finally found GREAT butcher in LA - Harvey Guss

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Last night I grilled a couple of NY Strips from Harvey Guss Butcher and they were unbelievable - the best steaks I've had in years. Juicy, mineral tender meat. $16 a pound, dryaged prime beef.

Harvey Guss is located on Ogden and Olympic. He sells mostly to restaurants, but he sells retail if you order a day before and get at least 2 steaks.

phone is 323-937-4622

goodbye Palm...goodbye Ruth's Chris.


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  1. The butchers (especially Tony) at the Beachwood Market are great. They age everything themselves. Also, the guys at The Farms on Montana do a good job. But, the best meat I've had yet in LA, since I haven't yet tried Guss, is the butcher in the back of the small grocery store in the Bel-Air adjacent mall at the top of the canyon road that becomes Van Nuys boulevard when it hits the valley. My mind is mush today. Someone post the store tname and save me . . .