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Jan 21, 2008 06:24 AM

El Patron - Flushing

I was driving down Northern Blvd the other day - and saw that Sushi Rock is no longer there - it is now a Mexican Restaurant called El Patron. Has anyone tried it yet?

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  1. ..You read my mind, I passed it on Sunday night, it looks like it is still under renovation. I plan on going on a scouting mission on in the next 48 hours, but I am going to miss Brandon and the gang at Sushi Rock, they had great rolls and I loved that Lobster - Creab Cake they served.

    1. I went there this weekend and the food was awesome. I had the paella and my hubby has the plato patron and it was really GOOD. I was surprised on how big the filet mignon was and even more surprised of the price---- it was pretty cheap

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        was it the opening weekend?
        how was the atmosphere like inside is it like tequilla sunrise? do they have a liquor license yet?

        1. re: phunkykim

          No liquor license about two month's according to my conversation with the owner...the rooms look more sophisticated compared to TEQ. SUN., and the menu is much more unique/sublime than your average Mexican Restaurant. Let's hope all works out for them and they get rollong when they can start serving MARGARITA'S and cerveza !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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            I hope they get their liquor license soon too. The bar is big enough to hold on to all the margaritas i want to drink.. lol

      2. i'll have to take a peak -
        have any of you gone to agave in the city - they make incredibly fresh margaritas there!

        well i heard of BYOB - but do you think they'll mind if we bring our own frozen margaritas :)
        i could wheel in a cooler - and bring the portable blender !!

        1. Tried it today. We were one meat-eater, one vegetarian, and one lactose-intolerant vegetarian (but not vegan), so already I was afraid we'd come across as annoying and/or complicated, but they handled everything in stride.

          No liquor license still, which was fine.

          The guac made table side was delish.

          Our meat-eater ordered the tortilla soup, which he liked, even though it looked like a watery tomato-based soup with not much tortilla action. His enchiladas suiza was perfect for him, and he said he'd definitely come back and order the fancier choices (i.e. paella).

          The lactose-intolerant vegetarian wanted a burrito but with only two items in the vegetarian section of the menu, which are both cheese-heavy, he asked if the kitchen could fashion a burrito, sold there as a "Burro Grande" (rice, beans, cheese, choice of chicken or steak) without meat or dairy, but with vegetables instead and they said sure. The vegetables they included were peppers, mushrooms, avocado (not a veg, but a nice ingredient), lettuce, salsa. No rice and beans, which I thought was odd, but he liked it.

          Being the vegetarian, I ordered the chiles rellenos, which was one of the two options under the vegetarian section. She brought an order of chiles rellenos from the other section, which included shrimp and calamari, so I explained that I had wanted the veg option, which she apologized for not understanding the first time and came back with an awesome plate, which I quickly devoured. The tangy, red sauce that came with the chile was really nice. She also brought out a fresh side of rice and beans, since the first batch had gone cold by the time the right chile order came out.

          All in all, the service was attentive, the food was tasty, and they made every effort to get things right. The guys from DirecTV were there installing the cable, probably in time for the superbowl tomorrow, so it was a chill atmosphere for the most part. The only other snafu came when the manager accidentally charged $555 instead of $55, but he showed me the credited/void receipts and apologized for the mistake, which I didn't think was a big deal.

          All in all, I think this place will be a lot of fun to visit once they have the glitches ironed out, the bar fully stocked, and the TVs going. Good service, good food, lots of promise here.

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            Thanks for the lenghty review! We're really looking forward to trying this place.

          2. We hit El Patron on Sunday for an early dinner. We're very very pleased with them. DH had the paella for one and it was very tasty. The half lobster was cooked nicely and the calamari was some of the best I've ever had in a restaurant -- like buttah. The price was good as well at $18.50. I had the Patron Combo which was also very good, but I've forgotten exactly what each item was called. One item was a tortilla filled with guacamole and filet -- the filet was well done and charred, but very juicy and soft. There was also a pork and refried bean taco with crispy bits of pork, and a chicken enchillada with a very mild salsa verde. We also started the meal with fresh guacamole. We ask for spicy and it could have been a bit hotter, but it was still very good and nice and fresh. It'll be perfection in peak tomato season.

            The owner could not have been more accomodating and a pleasure to chat with. The prices for everything are perfect for the neighborhood, and it's definitely a nice addition to the area. The food was better than Tequila Sunrise, and the atmosphere worlds better. We could have a conversation without screaming at each other over a mariachi band.

            The owner did mention he hopes to have a provisional liquor license this week, so we're eagerly awaiting that. As soon as he has it, we'll be back for some sangria, and a round of paella for two. I hope this place makes it and stays around for a while.

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              I went back this weekend to try the chile relleno and you are soooo right about how good it is. It was perfectly spiced and the sauce was perfect.
              Until now, everything i have tried out has been good. KEEP IT UP EL PATRON.
              By the way the owner also introduced himself to me and he is very pleasant to talk to, his name is Leo if anyone cares to know.