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Jan 21, 2008 05:57 AM

Cheap eats in Seville?

My wife and I are on our honeymoon and crashing with some friends in Seville. They'll both be busy during the day and early evening for the next week or so, so we're on our own in Seville. With rooming finally taken care of, we finally have a little budget flexibility for good eats. We're still a little conservative (About 40$ a day) and we usually eat breakfast in, so we're hoping for some moderately priced suggestions. We're near the Plaza de Armas, but willing to hoof it all over for a good meal.

Alternately, local favorites that could be prepped in our host kitchen would suffice quite well. Thanks for the tips!

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  1. Like most towns in Spain Seville has great Tapas bars. They are not that expensive and you can graze from bar having a dish or two at each. My partner and I did this last September and generally shared a dish or two and then moved on. we chose the bars based on how full they seemed, and how "local" the clientele looked.

    We tended to try the ones in the streets around the Alcazar as this was close to our hotel. Every one we tried was pretty good and we had a cheap evening - although $40 for two may still be a challenge. Seville does have a few Tapas areas and I am certain your friends will know them - good for lunch as well as dinner.

    1. On our trip to Seville last fall, we hit some excellent tapa places for around 25E for the two of us with a glass of wine. Persons with large appetites will spend more. Places that we like are Bar Europa, Enrique Beccera, Las Teresas in the Barrio Santa Cruz. Our favorite is La Eslava but it is packed with an energenic young crowd so go early.

      1. And for good, cheap dessert....If it's still around....

        Check out Alfalfa 10 in La Plaza Alfalfa. Get their Torta de Tres Chocolates, unless you're allergic to nuts, and their coffee. Incredible.

        1. Look for Bar Europa just down from Plaza Alfalfa. Excellent tapas, including an award winning one with Granny Smith apples and machego cheese. Also head over to the alternative part of the city, Alameda De Hercules, about a ten to fifteen minute walk from the cathedral. Some very good and funky restaurants over there.

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            Is that the area where La Ilustre Victima, the dive-like Moroccan place, is?

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              Ilustre Victima is over near the Alameda de Hercules, opposite side of town. I thought that place was pretty good.

          2. I was in Seville in early May '08. I have an Epicurean Golf Travel business and was with a group. A few thoughts: I got a local's suggestion for best tapas and this was the real deal! It's called Eslava and is probably a 10 minute walk from the cathedral. It's quite small (with a few tables and a relatively long bar). Tapas were tremendous and very affordable. The croquettes were amazing. I've also been to Horacio not far from the bullring in a very lively area. This restaurant caters to tourists (English language menu), but is quite good and affordable.

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              I just came back from a month stay in Sevilla, and having been in Sevilla for at least 3 times, I have to agree that Eslava is one of my favorite places to eat tapas. It's right by Plaza San Lorenzo. Around the corner from Eslava is Alcoy 10, which offers excellent and creative tapas, all very delicious and easier to get a table or to squeeze in than Eslava, especially on weekends. Across the street from Alcoy 10 is a more upscale bakery/bar that offers creative and very high quality tapas and raciones.

              Triana has some of the most traditional and delicious tapas. La Oliva on c/ San Jacinto 73 have typical Andaluz tapas, very much like their southern comfort food, and the tapas and beers are super cheap!

              My other favorite places include Bar Estrella on Estrella 3 (between Alfafa and Santa Cruz), El Patio on San Eloy. Alameda is a pretty happening scene on weekends, lots of good tapas there too, Casa Paco, Las Columnas, and La Madrasa at the nearby street Peris Mencheta, an absolute must try.