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Jan 21, 2008 05:21 AM

Basque style Angulas [Split from Spain/Portugal board]

[Split from


Oonth-I keep finding you. The reason I wound up on this board is that I'm searching for a restaurant in Manhattan that serves up authentic Basque style angulas. I'm thinking of Solera. Any other alternatives? I know they're expensive (but I just spent $200 at the re-opening of Ushi Wakamaru-see my recent review-so what the hell). Despana and Bar Carrera have the audacity to offer angulitas-sarimi made to look like eels! Despana sells the real deal in $40 tins but I'm no cook and would imagine they're better fresh anyway.

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  1. I've bought the $40 ($50?) tins at Despana and just ate some at the beginning of the year sauteed quickly in olive oil and a little garlic. Will be interested to see if you find a local source for fresh ones.

    1. Solera was such an authentic, nostalgic dinner experience for me -- I've been on a constant search for something that truly reminds me of my chow adventures in Spain, and I was very impressed. Maybe that's a promising sign for a good angulas experience?

      I'd be very interested in your report back as well. Good luck!