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Jan 21, 2008 04:02 AM

Las Vegas - great meals on the strip for a solo diner

Hi, I'm as Philly hound and will be visiting Las Vegas soon for a business convention for a few days. I'll be staying right on the strip and will not be able to travel anywhere off the strip. Any suggestions for some good dinners? I likely will not be back to Vegas for quite a while so are there and "not to miss" places? I like all cuisines - my only stipulation is I am looking for dining experiences that are unique to Vegas (no chains!). I am traveling alone, so want to make sure I eat at places where a female dining alone would would be comfortable. Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you look at my post "My Upcoming Las Vegas Vacation" on this board, it may help you out a little bit. I returned a week ago and wrote my experiences in there. I was a solo diner my entire two week trip and went to a lot of the top restaurants on the strip. I don't see why your experience should be much different then mine even though I'm a guy. If you have any questions let me know...

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      I agree - the recommended thread will expose a lot of options although most are on the pricey side so it depends on the OP's budget.

      I think female solo diners do tend to get more looks than their male counterparts. I've done it a few times myself on business trips and I do notice I get more glances and looks (from both male and female onlookers). It does get somewhat comfortable and a good wait staff helps out a bit. Better yet, a friendly but not creepy, if a male, bartender when eating at the bar.

    2. HI there:
      As a single female dining solo, I've really enjoyed the bar at Bouchon in the Venetian on several occasions. Consistently delicious French bistro food and the bartenders are warm but not overly friendly (if you don't want them to be). I've never found the bar area too crowded to eat (even on a Friday night) and the other patrons have always been respectful.

      I ate in the dining room at Nob Hill and had delicious food, and the bar looked similarly low key and inviting for a female solo diner.

      I have a female friend who ate alone at Daniel in the lounge-y area and really enjoyed it.

      Those are the pricey places, for a cheaper casual lunch, I recommend 'wichCraft in MGM...tasy creative sandwiches in this Tom Colichio establishment.

      And for a casual lunch or dinner, I really enjoy StripBurger, right outside Cafe BabaReeba at the Fashion Show mall (incidentially I like BabaReeba too, but have never been there alone). Just ate there last night and they have indoor seating during the chilly weather right now. I think StripBurger is much tastier than BurgerBar, having eaten at both several times.

      Happy eating!

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        Hi.... you're the 3rd person to have recommended Witch Craft at the MGM - can you tell me what's so good about it?

      2. I almost forgot L'Atelier in the MGM. A wonderful splurge...Absolutely amazing...every bite is worth the price. It is set up as a bar around the kitchen, so is really perfect for solo diners, and completely comfortable for a female solo diner. If you don't want to spend money for the tasting menu, I highly recommend at least going for one of their delicious desserts!

        1. Where is your convention and where are you staying? Maybe stick around in those hotels? Do you have a budget? I think that's important to establish at the get go.

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            Thanks for all the suggestions. Unfortunately, I am on a budget. My Company per diem is only $30/dinner so I'd be putting the rest out of pocket. I do want to do one "splurge" meal though. I'm staying at the Venetian, I saw B&B is there and the pasta tasting menu looks great.

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              I was in Vegas over Christmas and had dinner at B & B. One of the Best meals I've ever had! I didn't get the tasting menu because the person I was with didn't want it. So I just did three courses. I started with the prosciutto.
              It was Fantastic! Second Course was A Flt round pasta with pieces of rabbit scattered over the top with a browned butter sauce. Maybe the best pasta dish of my life! My third course was Venison Loin chops! Another superb dish! Have fun!!

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                I'd recommend Bouchon. I've also been hearing good things about Okada at the Wynn and plan on going there next week. Another place to try is Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay but that might be a bit far if you don't have a car.