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Aug 1, 2001 10:52 PM

Renu Nakhhorn (?) in Norwalk

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Is this Thai restaurant still one of the very best in CA? I have never been here when the Chutimas owned/cooked here nor after they left for their new place in Las Vegas (Lotus of Siam, which I have tried and is very good)? So how is Renu currently? What are the hit and best dishes to order? and do they have a special Northern Thai menu? also, what are the prices? and they got a mango and sticky rice dessert like the one at LOS? and finally, how does it compare to Lotus of Siam? if it is almost as good, I must try it as soon as possible, sure beats driving to LV. thanks.

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  1. I've only eaten at Renu recently.

    I have to say: living near Thai Town, and regularly frequenting the restaurants there, I think Renu is a step above. They did two favorites of mine the best I've ever had:

    One: deep fried whole fish with a sweet-chili-garlic sauce. (catfish in this case). Perfect - almost hard-crunchy on the outside, meaty and full-flavored inside.

    Two: mango with sticky rice. Balance!

    Damn, damn fine.