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Jan 21, 2008 02:24 AM

Bucks Indian grocers: Subzi Mandi and Apna Bazar

Howdy! Was on my way to Subzi Mandi yesterday and got off Rt 1 in Neshaminy instead of trying to figure out the weirdee turning thing at Street Rd. I noticed a Apna Bazar right next to the DMV! Nice clean place with medium and large quantities of your staples. Produce section wasn't large and a lot of the stuff was past its prime, but it was a Sunday so they probably hadn't had a delivery for a day or three. Was very happy. HOWEVER apparently Subzi Mandi has closed and reopened elsewhere... can anyone confirm/deny? Looking for stuff that only a megamart like that would carry.

My recollection is that Shree Amne is smallish, as is Malik's Mini-Mart. Haven't been to Kavita in the NE Mall, nor to Maha Laxmi in Bensalem or International Food Market on Bustleton. Where o where has my subzi mandi gone?

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  1. Subzi Mandi is in Cherry Hill NJ across from Melitta.

    1. Subzi Mandhi in bensalem moved to State Rd and Street Road.... It's on State Road approximately 1 block south of Street Road...on the west side of the State Road

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      1. re: vipper

        State Rd.. so that's right off 95 on the water below the park?

        1. re: Smellchipper

          there's nothing on state rd but lumber yards and truck parks. Must mean somewhere else.

          1. re: Smellchipper

            found it, but it's NORTH of Street Rd, not south. At the intersection of Dunksferry Rd and State Rd.

      2. Yeah, the new Subzi Mandi isn't too bad. It's a little out of the way, but I think this new place is a little bigger. It also has a great Chaat stand. You can get some good samosa chaat and pani puri, etc for only $2.00.