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Jan 21, 2008 01:14 AM

Chicken Drippings?

Last night I baked 6 chicken quarters in the oven on a roasting rack, and, needless to say, the pan was full of chicken drippings. At the conclusion. I know this is odd, but is there any use for the drippings... I poured the liquid into tupperware and put it in my 'fridge just in case... TYIA!

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  1. You should skim off the fat when it comes out of the fridge and then you have some nice concentrated stuff. You can use it to make gravy (with a little stock) or a jus or just a reduction with some white wine which is what I think a jus is anyways. I'm sure there are other non-sauce type applications but usually those delicious drippings are served with the chicken.

    1. By chicken drippings, I take it that you mean the fat that drips off, plus the brown carmelized bits found in the bottom of the pan. I pour the fat off (right after baking the chicken)....add a bit water or bought chicken broth to dissolve those carmelized brown bits. Add a slurry made with some broth, flour, or cornstarch as a thickner to make gravy.

      Although the fat is considered unhealthy (colesterol), some of it could be used as you would use Crisco, butter, or olive oil for browning food in cooking.

      Think that the fat is traditionally used in making matzo balls for matzo ball soup.

      1. I refrigerate the drippings, separate the fat and freeze both. A thin layer of defatted drippings on toast is amazing. The taste is rich enough that you need relatively little, so it keeps the calories down. A bit of the fat makes it even richer.

        1. The chicken fat is most often referred to as 'schmaltz.' I did not see the first 3 replies use this Yiddish term. Get a pound of chicken livers and make chopped chicken livers...lots of recipes on the 'net. A fancy-schmancy term for the chopped chicken livers is pate. The non-fat drippings can be used to flavor soup.

          1. the fat makes great roast potatoes.

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              Yeah, not as good as duck fat but delicious nonetheless.