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Aug 1, 2001 10:45 PM

Excellent Fusion Lunch Today

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I had a most interesting lunch today. I heard from a friend about a place that is serving Indian-Chinese Fusion at a buffet in Northridge. They have many typical Chinese dishes but also Paneer in a Chili Sauce, Poori's, Papri chat, Chicken Meat Balls in a Mild Curry Sauce, Hot and Spicey Chicken. They have a dessert that tasted like Liquid Cheesecake, Kulfi and something I left to try next time called Falooda (they say they are the only place in the city serving this). They also have an addictive snack mix of various fried and/or roasted lentils, nuts, and crisp rice. Because it is a buffet, a three item combo is only $4.99. This place is a keeper (keep it quiet or we will never get in again). The owner is a very nice lady too. She told me that this type of food is all the rage in San Francisco now. Check it out.

Express Delhi Chopsticks
18112-B Parthenia St.
at Lindley and Parthenia
818 993 5333

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    lonesome hobo

    I'll have to check this out. My office is fairly close to there. That is an all but invisible intersection. A number of little food places over the years spring up there and then go away. One of the best mexican restaurants in the Valley, Dos Arbolitos, started right near there (Parthenia and Woodley) then disappeared for some time and then finally resurfaced at Woodley and Nordhoff. Unfortunately Northridge and it's general surroundings are not exactly known for fine dining so any tip is worth following up on. Thanks.