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Jan 20, 2008 10:09 PM

Best Tuna Tartare

I went to a food festival at Mohegan Sun last night where one of the chefs presented a tuna tartare with tiny cubes of foie gras mixed in. It was mind blowing, just incredible. I can't stop thinking about how good this combination was. Is there any comparable dish back home in good old NYC?

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  1. The Modern Bar does a great tuna tartare sans foie gras. Also Asia De Cuba's one is great as well-piled on won ton chips. Just also enjoyed a great preparation at Japonais but none that I mentioned had foie gras-neverytheless very good!

    1. The best I've had is at Thor...their dish changed my whole perspective on tuna tartare. It was truly amazing.

      1. I recall having had a very good tuna tartare at The Orchard in the LES. It came with some creme fraische and a sort-of crispy bread that worked really well for me.

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          second the tartare at orchard. Love the smashed fried plantains that they are served with. I'm sure there is a more technical name, but lacking that knowledge, will continue to refer to them as smashed fried plaintains.

        2. I've been told BLT steak but thankfully they put back their steak tartare on the lunch special so I didn't get to the tuna!

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            They now took the steak tartare off the menu at BLT and I can confirm that the tuna version is superb (though I still prefer the "real" thing).

          2. Try the toro tartare at Nobu. No foie gras (they save it for their black cod in miso) but if you're looking for great tuna tartare, you should really try it. Out of a whole omakase dinner I had at Next Door Nobu, the toro tartare was the best. It doesn't necessarily say much, because I didn't find the food to be mind blowing. Except the toro tartare. It was awesome.