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Jan 20, 2008 09:59 PM

brains... braaaains!

dear everybody,

where can i find a butcher in the LA area that carries the succulent organ meats i desire? i felt foolish asking the lady at whole foods if they carried sweetbreads...

hearts and livers,

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  1. Hey lena,

    You can try 99 Ranch Market (the largest Chinese Supermarket chain in So Cal). Also, I've seen Sesos at many Mexican Carnicerias around town (let me try and find some addresses).

    1. In addition to 99 Ranch Market there are a plethora of markets that cater to the Hispanic/Mexican population in the Greater Los Angeles area (including Orange County). These more often than not will carry the organ & exotic meats that you're looking for.

      1. What they said about Asian and Mexican groceries. Where are you located? Also, the chain Jon's (Hollywood-ish) carries organ meats, along with Baltic beer, Armenian soda, Hungarian sausage, and countless other delights:

        1. I get sweetbreads from the meat department at How's market in San Marino - I have to order them (they come from Harris Ranch) but an order on Monday gets'em delivered on Thursday, and they're very good and very cheap. Seems odd in a way that real butchering exists almost entirely at either the high end (Bristol Farms, How's, Whole Foods) or at the less-expensive end (99 Ranch, Gigante etc.)...but brains at Ralphs? Forget it!

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          1. re: Will Owen

            How much does How's charge for the sweetbreads?

          2. Sweetbreads are not brains...they are thymus glands!
            Maybe you want sweetbreads and brains.
            Just making sure you don't buy ...braaaains...and expect to taste sweetbreads.