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Jan 20, 2008 09:47 PM


aloha everyone!

i was just wondering about the quality of food at various roys locations throughout the mainland. I have only eaten at the one near me in Kauai, and enjoyed it. However, I have been told that the Roy's on the islands are still owned by Roy, and not part of the Outback chain. I was thinking of sending my sister a gift cert. for Roy's to enjoy some Aloha on the mainland, but I wasn't sure how good/bad food was. Generally, she is not a chain person.

Opinions appreciated! Mahalo!

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  1. I enjoy the Roy's in Los Angeles. It doesn't feel chain-like.

    1. We were recently at the Roy's Waikoloa and I would say if your sister is not a chain fan that Roy's is not the best pick. So many other options from the Islands but I suppose macs and coffee only go so far. ;) How about a Williams sonoma gift card? Most foodies can find some thing usefull there.

      1. We live in Phoenix where there aren't tons of option for good seafood. we have a Roy's nearby and go in every couple months for dinner. We almost always enjoy it(have had a couple items there I didn't care for but have learned my way around the menu now so I know what I like to order). Service is always great as well. I was surprised to learn they were part of the Outback family.

        Have also been to the one in Seattle and the ones in the islands...but many years ago now for both so probably can't compare with the current corporate ones(they were all fantastic though).

        1. Roy's here on the mainland is of the top chains I have ever been too. The food and service are amazing. I would go ahead and get the gift certificate, even non-chain lovers (like me) love Roy's.

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            I have been to Roy's in La Jolla, San Francisco and Maui (both). I found the mainland ones to be excellent but not quite on par with Hawaii. For anyone who likes Roy's, any drop-off in quality should not discourage a gift certificate.

          2. I've been to the Roy's in Austin, Texas. Service was was really good. We did the Prix Fixe option. I haven't been to the one near my house in Plano, Texas, but i think it has a pretty good reputation for food and service.