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Jan 20, 2008 09:46 PM

Post Flight, Midtown Business Dinner

Any suggestions for 3 business travellers getting into JFK this Wednesday night. Last flight scheduled to arrive at 8 pm - so I'm thinking 9:30 should give us time to get to hotel and then to restaurant.

Specifics - need somewhere that doesn't close kitchen at 10 pm in case one of the flights arrives late. would want 11 pm minimum. We're staying at Midtown East - somewhere in the 40s. Cusine wise - prefer something modern but no steak, no asian, no fish and no italian. Atmosphere - something that is a bit lively - but not so loud we'd have to shout to be heard. Don't really want to do a place with lengthy service due to the time of arrival. Price wise - $100 pp plus. Will either be wearing business casual or jeans and collared shirts.

Vancouver Chowhound appreciates the help!

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  1. How did things go on your last trip?

    Might help give us a sense of what you liked and didn't like. Did you end up at Nello? Was very curious to hear how it went.

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      Last trip was unbelievable, thanks to your (and others') help. I managed to pull off a major dining and social coup.

      Quick run down on the evening - we decided to hedge our bets. We informed the group that my wife and I were celebrating our anniversary the night of the dinner at Nellos (we never managed to convince them to change). But to not look like we were ditching them, we booked our dinner reservation at Telepan an hour after the reservation at Nellos. So we joined them for a drink and some appetizers. The plan was that if we liked the room, the menu, the people we hadn't met, etc. we would tell them we were having such a great time with them, that we were going to pass on our romantic dinner - otherwise stick to the plan.

      We were there all of ten minutes and decided to head to Telepan. Great move because of the following: While we were having drinks - the individual that made the reservation ordered a bottle of Chateau Latour, 2001 for $500. This was done without consulting with the rest of the table. Way too much money for such a young vintage (at least for my liking). We found out after we left, that the bill was split evenly! Even worse, that was the only bottle of wine ordered - 4 people, one bottle over a three hour dinner = no fun. When my friend's wife (not the couple that made the reservation) found out how much it was and that they split the bill - she just about lost it and it ruined the vacation for her.

      We, on the other hand, hand a great romantic dinner at Telepan. Don't remember the exact food we ordered - but it was lovely. We also dinned at Suba and Stanton Social. Suba was OK for me - really enjoyed Stanton Social (loved the onion soup dumplings). Did Amalia as well - fairly new good offering for in the theatre district. Decent food for the price point. Went to etc. etc. for brunch - that was yummy - not sure if I got the full experience as the night before was hanging over our heads.

      Am thinking of hitting Stanton Social again as I know they serve late - but wouldn't mind trying somewhere new (and a bit closer to Columbus Circle which we're hotelling at).

      1. re: Cooooooooper

        Thanks for the feedback! Blue Ribbon just opened a new restaurant near Columbus Circle, and while it is more than sushi, the dishes do have Asian influences and so might not work for you:

        Open until 2 am and got a pretty nice review in the NYT last week. We're don't usually eat that late - I'll try to think of other places open that late.

    2. The only places I know in Midtown East that are open late (besides the diner) are Brasserie (kitchen closes at 11) and Wollensky's Grill, which is attached to the steak house next door. They're open until 2-ish I think. At least they would be within walking distance for you.

      1. when does dos caminos stop serving. the one on 3rd in the 50's could be an option or pj clarke's possibly.

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        1. re: fein

          Acc. to their website, Dos Caminos serves until 11:30 p.m. every day except Sunday and Monday, when it's 10 p.m.

        2. I haven't been yet, so read the board and decide, but Bar Boulud (Daniel Boulud's new casual) takes reservations for 11pm (see and is on 64th and Broadway.

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          1. re: David W

            Bar Boulud looks great - however I think 11 pm may be a bit late - but I will definitely try that out in the future (or if we're running behind)!