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Jan 20, 2008 09:31 PM

Breakfast survey in Sacramento?

These are the things I like at these places. Any suggestions for new items to order at these restaurants?

Tower Cafe:
French toast dipped in custard (half-order)
Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes (half-order)

New Canton:
dimsum with thousand egg congee, steamed dumplings with nuts and vegetables, egg custard

33rd Bistro:
French Toast

Cafe Bernardo:
French Toast and Pancakes

Fox and Goose:
lemon curd + scone. Other stuff is not notable

Queen of Tarts:

Old Soul Co.:
muffin with coffee

Any other places to suggest?

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  1. Breakfast really falls into two categories - sweet or savory. I have found that many places are focused on one or the other. From your list, it seems you prefer the sweet breakfast items. Fox & Goose serves a great savory breakfast, so that is out.

    Cafe Bernardo also serves a tasty Malted Belgian Waffle with a pecan butter and maple syrup.

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    1. re: Sacto_Damkier

      I have been hooked on the Railroad Cafe for a few months now, it is a very down home diner, the food is great, the place is clean and the owners are very friendly, and they play Zydeco music. What more can a person want...
      They have been reviewed several times by the Bee and keep getting outstanding ratings.

    2. La Trattoria Bohemia has a great breakfast on Sundays. My favorite item is the salmon crepe.

      1. Love the Original Pancake House in Roseville. Although it is a "chain" the baked apple pancake saigon is fantastic. My wife and I always split one and it is more than enough for two. Whenever we travel back to Orange County we always try and stop at the location in Anaheim which was one of the first of the OPH.

        1. I really enjoy the huevos rancheros at Tower Cafe. They have an excellent tomato salsa covering the eggs which are set atop a bean-filled tortilla; browned red potatoes are served on the platter. It is a dish not to be missed by those people who love a savory breakfast.

          I am searching for a place that serves chilaquiles for breakfast or for any other time of day.

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          1. re: goodfeeder

            I have found chilaquiles at Ernesto's and at Caballo Blanco.

            1. re: goodfeeder

              Tres Hermanas
              2416 K St
              Sacramento, CA 95816
              Phone: (916) 443-6919

              Great Mexican food - including a bunch of breakfast items (including Chilaquiles) - Yum! I highly recommend it - I have enjoyed the food and the service every time I have gone.

              1. re: goodfeeder

                Viento's serves a good version of chilaquiles on their Sunday breakfast menu.

              2. I saw that my breakfast comments did not post, so I'll try again.
                My recent favorites have become the Railroad Cafe and the Market Club.
                Both are old fashioned diners, great food, clean, personable and not of the chic variety.
                That is a plus for me.
                Also, never a line.