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Jan 20, 2008 08:56 PM

Fune in Eatontown, NJ

I did a bul go ki take out here last week and was highly disappointed. I have no doubt in my mind the meat was frozen. I can understand it's a very slow time for restaurants and some things must be frozen to save money, but you just can't freeze thin slices of beef especially when I'm paying $20 for $2 worth of beef.

The Cellophane noodles were probably the best part of my meal.

I had to ask for kimchi to be included since most people don't like it. I can understand that but I can't even describe what it tasted like. Bitter cabbage with a little spice? Defiantly not a proper kimchi. I've been eating kimchi my whole life and I couldn't believe they were serving this.

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    1. re: bgut1

      Still feel bad about your bad meal bgut. :(

    2. Fune should be ashamed of their BBQ and pricing. Although I like the place overall, I wish they would just take the damn thing off their menu if they're going to do it so terribly.

      The two things worth getting at Fune are:

      Gop Dol BiBimBap (Hot stone bowl rice with veggies and stuff)
      Whe Dup Bap (Rice + sashimi + Salad)

      and some times Yuk Ge Jang (spicy soup).

      As a general rule, you should only pay 20$ a pop for korean BBQ if there are charcoal grills at the table.

      Some smaller restaurants will serve a 10-15$ skillet BBQ and these are usually worth it though.

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      1. I feel horrible about your experience at Fune. I've been there a few times for their eat-in service to be excellent although I've never gotten take out there before. For better Korean I make the hike to Woojeon in New Brunswick/Edison (?).

        1. During my journeys at some point ate lunch here.

          Fune is on their 3rd owners, do not have a time line of when they took over, such nice people you wanted the food to be good. From reading all the threads not much has changed since the last post. They are currently serving an all you can eat buffet for lunch 11.95 - Korean and Sushi
          The Japchae (Cold Cellophane Yam Noodles) were very good.

          1. Maybe it's the economy, but Fune's been cutting back on their lunch buffet - there's no more bulgogi. My friends and I have stopped going to their lunch buffets. Come to think of it i haven't been there in a while period!