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Jan 20, 2008 08:44 PM

Lockhart for dinner?

We've made the Lockhart pilgrimage several times now, but we've never had anything other than lunch around noon or so. I see that they're open until 6-8PM depending on the restaurant, but what are the chances of getting some really good food for dinner?

Has anyone eaten late in Lockhart? We're planning a trip next month, but some of the attendees can't get there until dinnertime; I'm trying to wave them off of Lockhart until lunch the next day.

Comments? Thanks,


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  1. Brad, I can only tell you about Kreuz Market and Smitty's, because those are the only two places I eat meat in Lockhart. I would say it depends on the day--I have had very good meals at both places on weekday evenings. I have also had great meals on weekend evenings (meaning Saturday, because Kreuz is closed on Sundays and Smitty's is only open on Sunday during the morning/early afternoon), but they are often out of some things by that point on busy days. I have been to Kreuz when they were out of prime rib and fatty brisket on a Saturday around 4:30. I just drove over to Smitty's that day and found what I was looking for. If your group is flexible, I'm sure you'll find something good on most evenings.

    1. I've also had good experiences with Chisholm Trail, which is a more cafeteria-style BBQ restaurant. They have very good brisket and side orders. Everytime I've gone there late, they've had a full selection of meat. Very good place...