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Aug 1, 2001 02:07 PM

good buffet brunch, oxymoron?

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My brother is having his stomach stapled and wants to have one really BIG buffet brunch before his operation (I know it sounds really weird to me too). So can anyone recommend a buffet brunch where the food is actually good?

I've done Loews and Ritz-Carlton and liked both, but he is less pretentious eater than I am. He suggested the Warehouse in MDR, but I've been there and wasn't that impressed.

Any suggestions on the westside or south bay?

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  1. There's always the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Lots of selection, some of it really good, some of it not, and the room is gorgeous. Personally, I don't like buffet brunches, but this one was a hit with my family members that do.

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      Mike Kilgore

      Have tried both the brunch and dinner buffet's at the Universal Hilton in Universal City and I liked the brunch much more.

      1. I don't like buffet brunches at all (I'm always thinking of pigs at the trough). However, about a year ago my wife and I had the Sunday brunch buffet at Le Meridien. It was really superb. Free flowing French champagne, loads of good seafood on ice, real caviar and quality smoked salmon. Naturally, there was also an excellent array of hot items. It was $50.00 a head, but a good value.

        Another bonus, Della Reese has a weekly church service that she leads in one of the adjacent conference rooms. It's great fun to sneak in between courses to hear some real roof raisin' gospel music.

        1. Shanghai Red in Marina Del Rey. They have a huge room filled with typical brunch items...smoked and poached fish, salads, breads...a separate waffle station, sushi station, pasta station, dessert station. More food than I have ever seen at one time. Pretty good quality, only $25.00. Gotta love it!

          1. My cousin and I swear by the Universal Hilton. Stay away from the Queen Mary. If you scroll down to around Father's Day, I semi-reviewed both the Queen Mary and Universal Hilton.