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Jan 20, 2008 06:47 PM

Paso Robles wineries

Love to hear any recommendations for Paso Robles wineries....Thanks!

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  1. We enjoyed stopping at both Tablas Creek and Justin.

    1. There are two areas to visit in Paso, west of the 101 and east of the 101. For the west side, try L'Aventure, Denner, Grey Wolf, Dark Star, Lone Madrone and Dover Canyon. For the east side make sure to visit Hansen, Penman Springs, Clautiere, and Maloy O'Neil. Tablas creek is nice but tasting at Justin is kind of a waste of time. You will not taste their best wines and it is way out on the west side. Try to hit wineries that you have never heard of and you will have a great time.

      1. I went to Paso a year ago (and have friends in the area). On the westside, Windy is right: Justin and Tablas Creek are great for higher end wines. The lime in the rock makes all the difference.

        I personally found Dark Star a waste of time. Denner was delicious. And if you are tempted by Linne Colodo, beware: they are super small, and at this time of year don't have a lot of good stuff to taste. Were totally sold out of their drinkable bottles at this time last year, leaving swill as the only other option.

        Places I wish we had gone: Opolo, Tobin James, and just for kicks, Turley.

        Happy tasting!

        1. For a winery that’s really out of the way to get Zinfandel and Barbara that’s a little different, try Vista Del Rey. It’s north of town, west of 101off of San Marcos Rd. It’s organic, dry-farmed wine grown by a retired anti-submarine warrior with a soils engineering degree from Oregon State, who is a real character. I was steered here by a San Benito County winery I visited. Tastings most Sundays and by appointment.

          1. I would stick to the Westside of the 101. I love the 46 West. Summerwood, Castorro, Zenaida, 4 Vines are all excellent. Adelaida is also terrific.

            I love Justin wines and have been a member for years, but it is not worth the drive. The staff are snobby, I find the setting austere and it is so far off the beaten path it is a waste of time. Buy the wine, skip the winery.