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Jan 20, 2008 06:23 PM

So I Got Some Better Butter

Several years ago, I compared how much I would save using (decent) margarine over over butter. It came out a few cents a week, so I decided that butter was a small luxury that I would give myself.

I've tried them all and settled on Beurremont 83%, $4.98 a pound at Zabar's, which I like as much as or a bit better than Plugra. The only superior stuff I've tried is Ecire, but it's impossible to find, and since it's imported it often has started to go rancid.

Then last week I got some Organic Valley Cultured and am a convert. It's 84% butterfat, which seems to make a difference, and the flavor is particularly good.

Alas, it's $4.49 for HALF a pound. But it's really better. . . .

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  1. Try Vermont Butter and Cheese Co. cultured butter...It's 86%...;)
    Yes, I AM evil!

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      Yeah, that Vermont cultured butter is really good -- I'm not sure it's the fat content so much as the culturing, though. I used to be able to get it cheap, but that store no longer carries the cheap (one-pound, foil wrapped brick) version. Whole Foods carries a good selection of imported butters, although IIRC they don't have them in right next to the "regular" butter, so you have to be looking for them. I bought some really cool Italian butter there that's made with the same milk and cultures used to make Parmagiano Reggiano cheese.

    2. Have you tried Kerrygold? It's very tasty.

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      1. re: HungryRubia

        It's very good, but it's not cultured, which gives butter that rich, almost nutty flavor...

        1. re: galleygirl

          Hmm I didn't realize that was the difference. I don't think I have ever had cultured butter. I will pick some up next time I go grocery shopping.

          1. re: HungryRubia

            It means they add the same cultures used for creme fraiche to the cream, but only let them work for a short time; they stop the culturing and churn it into butter before it gets sharp and tangy like creme fraiche...

      2. Try Lurpak from Denmark. We also like Challenge butter.

        1. I love President, a butter from Normandy. At TJ's it's only a little over $3 for 8 oz.

          1. I recently bought some imported butter from France at a Vietnamese grocery store, it was in a red can with a pull top and a plastic lid. It says Frentel on it. It is very good!