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Jan 20, 2008 05:21 PM

Dining around Charles Towne Landing (near Charleston)

I'll be in Charleston from February 19-22 for a conference. Reading the other posts has help me put together some plans for meals on the trip. I am stuck for my last one, though. The conference finishes at 4:30pm on Friday afternoon at the Charles Towne Landing site. From there, I'll hit the road to I-26, and then be on my way back home to Greensboro, NC. Does anyone have any suggestions of good, local places to eat after the conference before I hit the road for home? I don't want to go back into Charleston. I'm not having much luck with my usual search strategies...

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  1. Red Orchid is excellent Chinese just down the street from the entrance to Charlestowne Landing (turn right when you leave, and it is in the shopping center on the left -- less than a half mile). There is plenty of non-memorable, but acceptable food in area as well -- Kickin' Chicken, T-Bonz and Manny's to name a few. But, Red Orchid is head and shoulders over anything thing else in area.

    1. Amuse !! for sure - close to where you are staying. It is off of Sam Rittenburg not too far from I-26 - do not miss this 843-573-8778 - - great wine, good small plates or dinner size entrees! Really great!

      1. Sunfire Grill & Bistro is always a safe bet. It is on Cosgrove towards 26 from Charles Towne Landing, so it's local to where you'll be. Another good one is Nakato for sushi, which is located on Sam Rittenburg, just around the corner from CTL.

        Any idea of which food genre you're interested in?