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Jan 20, 2008 04:47 PM

MSP- vegan wedding cake?

I'll be getting married in Minneapolis this summer, and I was hoping that someone might have suggestions for a good place to get a vegan wedding cake. I actually grew up in Mpls., but have been living in the Southwest for the last 10 years, so I have very little idea of what sort of bakeries make vegan cakes in the metro area (aside from Whole Foods). Obviously, the midwest isn't the easiest place to find a non-dairy cake :), so we aren't too picky as to style (that is, it doesn't need to be super-fancy), but are there any suggestions?

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  1. Call Sheela at Miel y Leche (link below). She makes absolutely beautiful, delicious cupcakes; she can make them vegan upon request and will also do full-size cakes in the same flavors. I had a selection of cupcakes at my birthday party in October and people are STILL talking about them!

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      I see she has pictures of her cupcakes on her blog, including a vegan one (red velvet vegan). The blog is at

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        Aw, those are adorable. Cupcakes are all the rage at weddings these days...


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          I should add that Sheela was an absolute doll to work with. Super accommodating and easygoing; everything was done when it was supposed to be and delivered right on time. I sing her praises every chance I get.

      2. Congratulations! How about Bravo Bakery in St. Paul? Click on the "other cake photos" to see pictures. I love the fruit topped ones--so gorgeous. (Ugh! The photos aren't coming up very smoothly right now--maybe only one of every 5 photos comes up. I hope you have better luck viewing the pictures with your browser...I think it helps to be patient and just let them cycle through a couple of times and they will eventually all load).


        1. Congratulations on your wedding! As TDQ says, Bravo Bakery in St. Paul can definitely do vegan cakes. Their web site shows some BEAUTIFUL cakes that would make a big impression at a wedding.

          Other places to check: French Meadow Bakery and Birchwood Cafe - both are bakery/cafes that have significant amounts of vegetarian (and vegan) food. But make sure to check on the sugar issue (I believe, vaguely, that some sugar isn't vegan).


          Birchwood Cafe
          3311 E 25th St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

          Bravo Bakery
          1106 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105

          French Meadow Bakery & Cafe
          2610 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408

          1. For my brother's wedding, they got five or six different small cakes. The best cake of the bunch was the Vegan Chocolate Cake from the Wedge. Check out if they can do a traditional cake.

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              i second the wedge rec. great vegan baked goods. you might also want to try the hard times' vegan bakers, i'm not sure if they do big cakes or only smaller baked goods. . . bravo!'s cakes are beautiful & unique, but in the first thread about them i looked at their menu, and a "vegan honey cake" was listed. since vegans don't eat honey, i was concerned about the actual "veganness" of their cakes, and i would caution to have an open dialogue w bravo! about your requirements re: honey, sugar, etc. if you decide to go w them. french meadow does some great vegan cakes and brownies, they can sometimes (most times) be wonderful to work with and other times flaky!-- i think it's getting better though. the fabulous "cheese"cake at spoonriver is actually vegan, last i checked (though they keep this a secret).

            2. Congratulations!!

              If you're looking for someone to do food beyond the cake (it sounds like you've already gotten some great suggestions on that front), I can't say enough about how fantastic Chowgirls are. They're super-friendly, ultra-accommodating; I used them for my wedding last year and couldn't have been happier. I know they do a lot of vegetarian/vegan events, and even "green" weddings. And best of all, the food is delish!


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                Fishman's Deli is a pareve (non-dairy) bakery, and their cakes look delicious (can't vouch for the taste...I won't eat non-dairy cake on principle)