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Jan 20, 2008 03:48 PM

Nobu Melbourne?

Has anyone tried it yet?

We have booked for Friday lunch -

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  1. Well, I have now been...


    All the dishes are true to the original if not better, some have different names, but easyto figure themout - the Black Cod with Miso is delicious, as was the ceviches and sushi, tempura, etc...

    The service was great and the room pleasant, except considering it's riverside, I would have expected a view, but it is on a lower ground floor - nomatter, still great!

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    1. re: sandra in australia

      What do you mean by "true to the original"? As in it was authentic?

      1. re: Tsar_Pushka

        True to his original restaurants in New York and London, is what I meant - the menu is almost exactly the same, and surprisingly, the taste of the food is incredibly similar - talk about quality control...

        None of it is "authentic" in the true sense, as his food is a mix of his Peruvian/Japanese background, but the food is excellent -

        Definitely worth a trip to Melbourne..

        1. re: sandra in australia

          Cool ... Sounds yum. Yeah my sis went recently to Nobu Melb and raved about it too ...

          1. re: Tsar_Pushka

            As someone who ate regularly at the London branch when it first opened, I must say that Nobu Melbourne is missing out on 2 things...

            Firstly the celeb spotting: when I first took my office there for Christmas lunch, one of the newish young ladies was very disparaging about the chance of seeing anyone famous, until the motorcycle guy took his helmet off to reveal himself as Robbie Williams.

            Secondly, they are too polite and pleasant in Melbourne: I actually had a fun meal there while in London they were almost always offhand and rude unless you were, well, famous.

            2nd rant of the night - must be too much Ouzo.

            (Food wise, Nobu Melbourne is spot on!)

            1. re: jellyface

              You are so right, jellyface -

              The service at Nobu Park Lane was horrendous, which is why I preferred Ubon at Canary Wharf, much better service and better views -

              As for the celeb spotting, I haven't been here long enough to have recognized a local celebrity if they bit me... so no worries there!

              Did you notice there were no saketinis on the menu here though?