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Jan 20, 2008 02:59 PM

Orlando - Valentine's day suggestions

Looking for suggestions for valentine's day.
Food preferences: I don't eat Pork, shellfish and am lactose intolerant)

Last year we went to Luma and it was great, looking for other suggestions.

Area: Between downtown and Sanford is preferred.

Thanks Cheryl

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  1. Just posted that Midnight Blue is hosting a V'day dinner with couples pricing. Don't know if it's a fixed info online but they should know the details if you call.

    900 E. Washington St. • Orlando, FL 32801 • 407.999.9012

    If you like Luma you'll like Midnight Blue, which is similar in cuisine style but a bit funkier and more casual in atmosphere.

    Also think about:

    Rocco's Italian Grille
    400 N. Orlando Ave.
    Winter Park, FL 32789

    (Dressy and make reservations ASAP)
    Manuel's on the 28th
    390 N Orange Ave # 28
    Orlando, FL 32801

    If you are looking for a consistent winner of "Most Romantic" in Orlando, you'll have to shoot for the attractions.


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    1. re: winechic

      I highly discourage going to Manuel's on the 28th. My husband and I had dinner there right before New Year's and the food was average, at best. It does occupy a beautiful space and the atmosphere is very romantic...but the food was not worth the money at all. We had pistachio crusted scallops as a starter that were flavorless...the lobster bisque was fishy (we used to love their bisque!)...and both of our ahi-tuna entree's, which the server RAVED about, came out well-done & dry.

      I complained to our server who gave me a bit of an attitude and then the manager came over. He said he agreed that my tuna was overcooked, tried to give me a free dessert (which I did not want) and then only refunded HALF of my entree. It is clear this restaurant is no longer at it's peak and is seriously lacking in quality. We have dined there many times since we moved to Orlando 8 years ago and always left extremely satisfied...but no more. My husband said he never wants to go back ever again.

      I suggest finding something other than Manuel's for your valentines day or any other special occassion.

      1. re: mish

        What a bummer to hear!! I haven't eaten there in just over a year.

        Hubby and I loved the prixe fixe menu and wine pairings. The Lobster Bisque was a favorite and I used to order the Ahi Tuna, too. : ( Thanks for posting your feedback, I'll be holding off on a visit anytime soon.

    2. Just got a notice of the following V'day menu from Harmoni Market...I'll post additional menus info from various places, if I receive any.

      Harmoni Market invites you to join us this
      Valentine's Day, February 14
      to indulge in our delicious Valentine's Day menu

      $50 / person
      $85 / person includes wine pairings

      Fresh Apple, Walnut, Fennel Salad
      Pecorino Ginepro
      Prosecco La Marca - Italy

      1st Course
      Organic Carrot and Ginger Puree
      Pomegranate Crème Fraiche
      Avocado, Hearts of Palm, Fresh Grapefruit, Organic Bibb
      El Majuelo Sherry Vinaigrette
      Two Princes – Riesling

      Surf and Turf
      60z Nueske’s Bacon and Roquefort Stuffed Filet and George’s Bank Scallop
      Saffron and Chardonnay Braised Artichoke Heart, Roasted Tomato and Bonati Parmesan Risotto
      Trefethen – Double T

      Wild Salmon Roulade
      Wild Mushroom Duxelle, Arugula, Roasted Tomato, Fresh Sage Crème
      Orzo, Winter Greens, Truffle Shavings
      Ramsay – Pinot Noir

      Tanglewood Farms Preserved Lemon Chicken
      Corn Pepper Polenta, Wilted Spinach, Fresh Lemon Juice
      Frei Brothers - Chardonnay

      Assorted Mini Indulgences
      Tobin James Late Harvest Zinfandel “Liquid Love”

      Executive Chef Everett Kornbrek
      Regular Menu Available
      For Reservations 407.206.0033

      Harmoni Market
      2305 Edgewater Drive, Suite H
      Orlando, FL 32801



        Thursday, February 14th, 2008


        OPEN SEATING FROM 6:30pm - 10:00pm

        1ST course

        Amuse Boush


        2ND course

        Cured salmon with green lentils, quail eggs, sweet mustard


        House-made duck pastrami, rutabaga sauerkraut, rye crackers


        3RD course

        Roasted beets, goat cheese crouton, candied walnuts, watercress


        Curly endive, blood orange, tangerine, citrus vinaigrette


        4TH course

        Hickory smoked filet, wild mushrooms, house-made bacon, boulangeres potatoes


        Striped black bass, spinach spaetzle, tomato and eggplant sauce


        5TH course

        Trio of Truffles


        Berry heart chocolate sundae, layers of chocolate mousse, Chambord, and berry ice cream

        Eighty dollars per person excluding beverage, tax and gratuity

        (With wine pairing additional $30)

        Please call for reservations at 407-872-2332

        K Restaurant Wine Bar
        2401 Edgewater Drive
        Orlando, FL 32804

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        1. re: winechic

          Thanks - any idea if Citrus or Hue will be doing anything?

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. You may want to consider Enzo's Lakeside in Casselberry. Its a fantastic Italian place. They have a giant table of antipasti so you can pick and choose within your dietary restraints. Every meal I've had there has been fantastic. The service is very gracious, with the owners (sadly not Enzo anymore, but his family) taking a strong interest in making sure your experience is top notch.

            They have lots of "classic" italian dishes, but it seems like I always end up getting fish. The setting is very pretty, overlooking a lake, lots of big oak trees with moss.

            If you're out near Sanford, this would also save you a lot of driving.

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            1. re: JayDubya

              My girlfriend and I had our Valentine's Day dinner at Enzo's last year, and it was wonderful. Very picturesque restaurant with wonderful food, and less than five minutes from where I live.