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Jan 20, 2008 02:46 PM

sauce for spinach enchiladas?

What type of enchilada sauce do you like to use for spincah enchiladas? If it matters, I intend to top them with crawfish tails or shrimp.

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  1. I just saw on TV, Sam the Cooking Guy do a chicken enchi and he put whipping cream at the bottom of the pan about a quarter inch and then with flour tortillas he had them soaking in chicken stock and then rolled the chicken with chiles and tomt' could use the same idea with the would be delicious with the shrimp and crawfish and then he topped with jack cheese and then baked till ready..
    They looked out of this world good and I plan on using both those ideas..
    Best Spencer..

    1. I would make a bechamel sauce and add mild green chilies and some jalapeno jack cheese. Use cream in the sauce and keep it on the thin side as the sauce will thicken in the oven. You might add some pomagranit seeds with the shrimp or crayfish for color.

      1. I would do a verde sauce - a pipian verde would be rich, or mole verde, or even just use a salsa verde. Lots of recipes online for those. I find verdes go very well with spinach and seafood.