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Jan 20, 2008 02:31 PM

Seeking Ligurian Cuisine

With Cinque Terre closed, can anyone suggest a Manhattan restaurant featuring authentic Ligurian cuisine? Think pesto with potatoes and green beans, fritto misto, orata, branzino...

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  1. I'm sad to hear Cinque Terre closed. I dined there years ago, loved it and always intended to return....

    That's the story of many quality but non-particularly-popular restaurants, I suppose.

    1. Try Perbacco. I went with a group of Genovese visiting New York and they loved it. They said it was not 'every day' but special Ligurian style cooking.

      Perbacco, 234 E. 4th St. nr. Ave. B, 212-253-2038

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        thanks...will give it a try soon.