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Jan 20, 2008 01:59 PM

Majors steakhouse???

Friends want to meet at this steakhouse in Woodbury. Seems to be marginal in certain reviews, better in others, Nothing said on this board. Any comments would be welcomed

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  1. is it a top notch steakhouse, no!!!, but i don;t think it tries to be. The steaks are a good 10-20 bucks less than the top level steakhouses on long island. Will they give you a descent steak dinner and throw in some type of potatoes on the side, yes! I can buy better steaks at Fairway and cook it myself at home, but i wouldn't be going out to dinner that way. There burgers are very good and i believe are still only $5(no fries at that price) I also really recommend the iceberg salad wedge, and their fried calamari is a huge portion and everytime i've had it, very tasty and very tender. Better than most italian restaurants if you like that type of preperation(fried with marinara dipping sauce)

    I've always had very friendly service, and they put pickels on your table. Worth the trip, just don't expect a fantastic steak.

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      Yes, I agree. Unfortunately there are only 4 edible selections at Majors. Burgers, calamari, Iceburg wedge (!)...and the free pickled items. Everything else is extremely uneven and should be avoided-at any cost!

      1. re: kelvin8r

        The prime rib, baked clams, and french dip are all good. I find the char on the steaks very overpowering - they taste like gas - I don't order grilled steak there anymore. I usually get a burger - the one in Woodbury always overcooks mine - the one in East Meadow always seems to cook the correctly.

        1. re: jmax

          In November '07, had the prime rib "special" against my better judgement. A huge impenetrable slab of beef was served "au jus" with my order of extra crispy fries half submerged in what turned out to be canned beef boullion.
          It took two waiters and one manager to remove the $38.00 item from the check. Haven't been back since, but I can still taste that metallic mess. I think my taste buds may have suffered irreparable damage...
          Besides the food and service though, the place is excellent! Bon appetite!

    2. This is owned by the people who own Bryant and Cooper, and is positioned as a popular priced steakhouse. It's better than Outback, unless you really want the Bloomin Onion. There is another steakhouse, whose name escapes me right now, that is where the Boulder Creek was a little further west on Jericho Turnpike, that is supposed to be quite good. Sorry I haven't been there, but we are Morton's people. I presume your friends chose Majors because of the price, not the quality of meat. If it's a great steakhouse you are looking for that is not far from Majors, you can go to Rothmans in East Norwich, or Blackstone in Melville.

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        I think Sagamore Steak House is the place you're thinking of. Love their porterhouse for two.

      2. One more thing, there are so many great restaurants in Woodbury now. I always loved Baang, Laguna Grille is also good if you want something lower priced, and now you have Trattoria Diane too. Not to mention Stressa East and Ben's Deli. They are all within a mile or less of Majors.

        1. I think that Major's has the finest hamburgers on LI.
          I usually order the home fries with the hamburger and a glass of Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon and I am in heaven.

          I have gone with large groups of people and nobody complained and everyone seemed happy.

          If I had a choice between Majors and Peter Luger's I would go to Majors. When I ate at PL, the waiters were surly, the meat was almost raw and the bones were burnt. Someone told me that PL recycles the bones. I honestly do not know if it is true, but it sure looked like it.

          If you want to go one step more downscale, there is J&R's, whose steaks are cheaper and more industrial quality meat.

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          1. re: Fred19

            Thanks for your observations and opinions that Major's is better then Luger's. I will remember this when I read your future posts. I was at Luger's on Monday and the steak was great tasting and perfectly cooked medium rare. They must have been really pissed off at me because I took the bone home for our neighbor's dog. It is amazing how they mange to place all the cut pieces of meat on the plate around the re-used bone and it looks perfect.

            1. re: stuartlafonda

              Maybe the bone was fresh and the meat recycled. Speaking of Major's I had dinner at Bryant & Cooper's (same family) last night and they still have the second best steak next to PLs. Three of us, and we got two bones: couldn't take the bones home 'cause my two cousins and I were fighting for them like a bunch of unfed junkyard dogs.
              I love old curmudgeon waiters, especially the ones that remember me when I was still in diapers.

              1. re: byrd

                PL and B&C are really great. I also like Cipollini. Not been to Toku yet.

                1. re: GCGuy

                  hey majors and j&r for what they are are great also.

                  1. re: byrd

                    I would actually like to try both of them. Thanks.

          2. I go to the one in East Meadow and I think it's good for steak if you're not looking to spend too much money but want something better than Outback's. They do tend to over-char the steaks for my tastes so I just tell them when I order it that it's not my preference and it comes out perfect. Otherwise, they're good cuts of meat for the price. And the calamari is fantastic. It's a huge portion, that's perfectly crispy, well-seasoned and not overly greasy.