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Jan 20, 2008 01:51 PM

Old Montreal

So I've dropped the BYOW idea, but now wondering about trendy restaurants withing 15-20 min walking distance from the W hotel.
I say trendy, but still looking for edible food, hopefully even tasty food.
Cuisine and price don't really make a difference, but it would be nice to have an idea of both.
Trying to organize a fun night out for five 22 year old girls.

thanks for all your help!

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  1. Club Chasse et Pêche for contemporary market cooking.
    Holder for bistro.
    Aszu for upscale wine bar.
    Cluny Art Bar for earlyish dinner on Thursdays only.

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    1. re: carswell

      I would also suggest Garde Manger on St. Francois Xavier for trendy with good food.

      1. re: eat2much

        But get reservations for garde Manger, not so easy to get in, especially on a friday or saturday night

    2. Howdy!

      The 40% off sale at Galianos, Mechant Boeuf Bar Brasserie, Narcisse Bistro + Bar a vin, and Suite 701, Modavie Restaurant Wine Bar, the Restaurant du Vieux-Port, Aix Cuisine du Terroir and Verses Restaurant.

      All are 'trendy,' and all are in Old Montreal.

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        I went to Méchant Boeuf this saturday, apart from the fact that the staff is awesome, smart and helpful, we really had a good evening, what was liked best on the menu was the chicken on a beer can and the Hamburger, my tuna plate was yummy but not on the Happening Gourmand menu.
        It is so busy on a saturday, the crowd very energetic and there was a DJ too.
        A drive well worth it and a couple from my party even stayed the night at Hotel Nelligan to which the Méchant Boeuf is part of.

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        1. For breakfast or lunch, I highly recommend Olive et Gourmando (351 St. Paul West). For dinner, you could try Stash cafe (200, rue St-Paul O Montreal) on St-Paul West for a hearty Polish meal. It's not treally trendy but they have live music (pianist) in the evenings. Chez L'Epicier (311, rue Saint-Paul Est) also had good reviews but I haven't tried it yet. A friend of mine mentioned that Bonaparte (on St-Francois Xavier) and Gibby's were good. Not sure if the latter is worth the money compared to La Queue de Cheval (on Rene Levesque).

          I would avoid most of the restaurants around Place Jacques-Cartier as they major tourist traps especially those with people trying to drag you inside. There are a number of other restaurants I'd avoid on and around St-Paul West since the quality to price ratio is dismal (if you're interested I'll give you a list).

          Bon apetit!

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          1. re: theproo

            Bonaparte is a great resto, but it is the polar opposite of what the OP probably looking for. If there was prize for being old and stuffy this place would win, hands down. I do not mean to knock it, the food and service are both excellent, but the atmosphere will make anybody under 30 feel like they're a 13 year old trying to act "grown up". Me and my girlfriend went for our last anniversary, and I am sure that we were the only ones there under forty (and most of the forty somethings were there with their parents.)

            1. re: Moosemeat

              hate to be a ditto monster, but I completely agree with Moosemeat.
              Mechant de boeuf is probably a good choice for the OP, perhaps Santos as well.

              1. re: HungryLurker

                Santos is a better choice than Mechant Boeuf but call ahead as Santos seems to be closed for renovations. Bonaparte is very good but "stuffy" whereas Stash is very laid back comfort food but nowhere near what the OP seems to be looking for.