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Jan 20, 2008 01:46 PM

Rahway restaurants

We are looking for a restaurant in or near Rahway where we can go between viewing times for a relative that passed away. Since we are dressed in suits etc we would appreciate a nice place and good food. Thank you.

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  1. David Drake's is, by far, the best restaurant in Rahway and one of the best in the state. All the meals we've had there have been excellent; however, there have been some posts recently about disappointing experiences. While there is no dress code, you will not feel out of place in a suit.

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      I agree with RGR. Depending upon the amount of people you have you could possbile ask for the wine cellar and have your time between remain private. As RGR mention this is a wonderful restaurant and although I have had some issues of late I think it would serve your purpose very well. If you are looking for something for a larger group you may want to check with Aliperti's in Clark, they have a room that could accomodate about 50 people and it would keep you "removed" from the general restaurant. Not to sound like a broken record but David Drake is on a different level altogether from anything else in the area.

    2. Cubanu on Main Street

      This place is right on Main St. in Rahway... I recently met a friend here for some appetizers and drinks. I must say the place was really good. I can't comment on the whole menu, but the app. were very good.

      Here take a look:

      RGR is correct with David Drake's. In between viewings would be good here as well.

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        Went to Cubanu last night with three friends on a recommendation. It was okay. I think I'd only go back for the Thursday night Salsa lessons. The recommendation was: go for the drinks and the tapas. I'd agree about the drinks. Three of us had mojitos, which were excellent. We ordered one of each tapas. They were okay. Not too tasty, and all very heavy except the shrimp dishes.

        Staff was young, and neither experienced nor well-trained. Very nice, and friendly, but lacking in the experience to know how to keep us happy.

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          I'm thinking that since the original post was back in January these folks have already been to the funeral and had their meal

      2. Yellowshirt's astute friggin observation aside, and rather than start another thread on the same subject, has anyone been to Luciano's in Rahway?

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          YEs, Mr Engineer...been several times

          The restaurant itself is very nice, great bar area with a very good selection of drink

          Food is very good. Prices quite reasonable

          We also had a large party here and the staff did an outstanding and service

          My only cmplaint is that their wine list is a bit weak. They have some very good top end bottles but eed to beef up the mid-range priced selections.

          Remarkably they don't have a lot of Italian wines. Personally when I go to an Italian restaurant I prefer to drink an Italian wine

          All that said, I highly recommend going.