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best pizza @ mozza?

going next month & i've looked over the menu of pizzas at mozza and just wondering what everyone's favortie is?

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  1. The fennel sausage or the clam, depending on mood.

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    1. re: New Trial

      Those are my 2 favorites as well.

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        yep, the fennel sausage pizza is quite good.

        i was very disappointed with the egg/guanciale/raddichio/etc pizza was quite disappointing to me. it was bitter yet flavorless (still scratching my head how this happened due to the large number of ingredients...lol).

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          I actually had two separate friends warn me against the egg/guanciale/radicchio pizza (which I would have otherwise ordered, since I love all of those ingredients) - both of them said that the ingredients weren't well integrated.

          I really enjoyed the three I did order (all of which have already been named in this thread) - the fennel sausage, the bianca, and the long-cooked broccoli. If you order the bianca as well as another pizza, it it first - the cheese cools and solidifies pretty quickly.

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            Funny, the egg/guanciale pizza is one of my favorites. Different strokes, I guess. Love the fennel sausage as well.

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              Agreed. The egg/guanciale/radicchio/escarole pizza was errily like a CPK pizza. Basically a big salad on top of pizza. It's a shame because it has so much potential. If they changed the radicchio and escarole to just a sprinkle so the guanciale and egg and cheese could still shine through...or just take it out all together. More isn't always better. Plus, you really can't go wrong with guanciale, egg, and cheese .

              Add my vote to the one with chile and salumi.

          2. Bianica (cheese w/ sage)

            1. Fennel sausage, red onion and panna. For something a little lighter, the mozarello/prosciutto/arugula.

              1. the sausage,red onion and panna, and the long cooked broccoli with chili flakes.... the last one is a new pizza which replaced my other favorite, the squash blossom and burrata.. be sure to try the budino for dessert and maybe some olive oil gelato!!

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                    I love the one with the egg, too! I just cannot remember that name. It's the one with anchovies, right?

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                      The menu describes it as "Egg, guanciale, radicchio, escarole & bagna cauda"

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                      I also enjoyed the one with egg on it.

                    3. I usually order the one with the prosciutto or the one with the salame. Both amazing!!

                      1. Have to jump on the fennel sausage bandwagon. Tough for anything else on the table to compete with it, though if it's not on the table most everything else is pretty good, too. And I love the egg one.


                        1. Another one for the fennel sausage -- I also enjoyed the mixed mushroom one & the bacon/goat cheese/leek pizzas as well.

                          Save room for the budino, though ;)


                          1. I like the one with the Fresno chiles and, I think, pepperoni.

                            1. I'm currently a big fan of the speck, bufala mozzarella, olive tapenade, and oregano pizza.

                              1. mm.. only tried the bianca and egg, guanciale, etc. ones.. bianca was thoroughly disappointing.. the egg was decent.. we added the sausage to it :O) guess i'm gonna have to try more of the pizzas but the MOST AWESOMEST items i tried were def the pane bianca (just grilled bread u can eat alone, with sea salt, or dip in another appetizer) an oily mess of goodness!! and the butterscotch budino. (drooooool) we had to order another one after we finished the first one. :)

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                                  Agree about the pane bianca -- the best garlic bread I've ever had. Also really like their eggplant caponata. Oddly, the stuffed squash blossoms (both alone and on a pizza) were just okay. (And usually, I love deep fried stuff.)

                                  1. re: David Kahn

                                    Raku in WLA serves a better deep fried squash blossoms.

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                                      I also loved the pane bianca. Not worth the $$, because it IS bread, oil/butter and garlic, after all.

                                      But if it were a reasonable price, I would go just for that and some soup or a salad. And order many plates of it.

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                                        Their Tricolore Salad with Parmigiano Reggiano & anchovy dressing is very good!

                                  2. Love the Funghi misti, fontina, taleggio & thyme and also the fennel sausage.

                                    1. the clam... the lardo... and the fennel sausage.

                                      1. Here's an off the menu gem - order the bianca pizza with fennel sausage

                                        Guaranteed Bliss

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                                          OMG that sounds amazing - like penne alla norcia, but pizza.

                                          Thanks for the tip!

                                        2. gotta go with the white anchovy, tomato and hot chilies. wow that's a great pizza.

                                          1. The BEST pizza at Mozza is one someone else pays for! :)