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Jan 20, 2008 01:16 PM

Call me crazy (Flames in B'cliff)

Hi there, you may recall I moved from Yonkers (Fleetwood) to Briarcliff this past September. Thanks to you Dom & Vinnies, Yama Sushi and Magic Wok are all a part of our rotation.
Anyway, for Valentine's Day, my husband and I wanted to go somewhere local and splurge a little at a place we wouldn't normally go. I have heard SUCH mixed reviews of Flames but it kind of fit the bill so well we thought we'd go for it. I have the retro idea in my mind of how, when I was growing up (born in 1963), I imagined a 1950s couple in Westchester would go out for a nice dinner. I grew up in the arty, lefty upper west side so it seemed like kitschey glam to put on a little black dress and high heels, have a martini, flirt and tear into a great steak.
Crazy I bet since it will probably be overpriced and underwhelming but since we are going what would anyone recommend.
Many thanks!

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  1. I've been wondering how good, and how pricey, Flames is as well. Of course, a good steak house will be pricey, but just how pricey is the question!

    1. You would win your bet, it's overpriced and underwhelming!!!!!!

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        It's not that bad, for Westchester standards, at least -- but if you're really going in with high expectations, maybe you should try to get a reservation at a more reputable steakhouse in the city for Valentine's day, before they book up, and stretch your imagination to a 1950's more cosmopolitan Westchester couple who goes to the city for their Valentine's dinner!

        That is if you have your heart set on steak -- other than that there still are a few fine restaurants for fine dining left in the county (I think.)