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Jul 31, 2001 02:42 AM

Any Take Out B'stilla in Los Angeles?

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I am looking for a Moroccan deli or bakery in Los Angeles that sells the delicious B'stilla pies. I confess I want to buy them and take them to a party and pretend I am a fantastic Moroccan cook. Any ideas where to go? Thanks.

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  1. B'still I think, perhaps because of the egg layer, is one of those things that really needs to be fresh. Maybe I am being overly purist here, but the only solution is to take the day off, get to the party early, and make it yourself. And, actually, you can make the squab (or chicken) tagine on which it is based a day ahead, and you can prepare the almond paste earlier as well, so you only have to show up an hour or so in advance.

    It is worth the effort, and if you bring it out fresh and puffed they will know you are a fanstastic cook.

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      I agree with the freshness thing, but to answer your question - Moun of Tunis does sell takeout. If you just plan to hit MoT on the *way* to the party, and then make everyone eat it as soon as you get there...