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Jan 20, 2008 01:09 PM

Soma's closed in an hour... Hot Chocolate?

Where else in this city (Toronto!) do you find good HC besides Soma? Seeing that it's FREEZING outside, and my date doesn't drink coffee, I figure this is the best alternative.

Thoughts? We're taking the TTC, so anything along a subway/bus/streetcar line that closes relatively late is fair game.

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  1. Well, if you don't like the chains that might be a tough one. What about Tango Palace in Leslieville? Nice date atmosphere there, and the lattes are good, so the hot choc might be too.

    1. You're probably on that date now, but Chocolate Heaven Café near Danforth and Donlands probably has good hot chocolate.

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        Just to follow up, went down to Aroma down at Bloor (just west of Bathurst). They have amazing hot chocolate - with thick melted chocolate in the bottom of the cup. I'm heading back down to Bloor and Spadina to have lunch at Fresh on Thursday afternoon, so I may just need to stop at Aroma for another HC fix!
        Thanks for the suggestions!