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Jan 20, 2008 01:05 PM

Moving to Middlebury, VT - Where should I eat??

I'm moving to Middlebury, VT in 4 weeks. I've only visited a couple times so I'm anxious to get the inside scoop on the best places to eat. In particular, I'm looking for dinner places that serve somewhat healthy, fresh, local (when possible), and interesting food. Also, what are the best bakery/breakfast places? I love my carbs and freshly baked bread iand muffins are definitely a weakness. Can you get great locally made bread and pastries? And is there a great coffee place? Finally, where should I food shop? I checked out the Middlebury Co-op which seems great, but am interested to hear what the locals think. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Many members of my family live up there. When we visit them, we all tend to cook and eat at home, so I can not comment on the restaurants. However, we often end up buying things at the Co-op two or three times a day. (We can walk from my parents' house.) It is totally fabulous. Not only is everything outstanding (including the bread), but the staff is really friendly and low key. They make some delicious food, including a lot of vegetarian and vegan options. They recycle magazines, so you can drop things off or look for some nice easy reading on your way out. It's clean, well-organized and stocked with everything you could ever want. My parents are in their late 70s and they do 90% of their food shopping there, bypassing the more impersonal chain stores nearby. And in many ways, it is a humming community center. More than once, I have said to friends that I wish we had something like it near where I live. Have fun- my family members LOVE Middlebury.

    1. I agree the Middlebury co-op is one of the best. We often drive from Montpelier to stock up on organic vegetables as they are far superior than our local co-op.

      Otter Creek bakery is probably your best bet for local baked carbs. They also make good coffee.

      Can't help on the dinner front. If I lived there I'd probably drive to Starry Night Cafe or somewhere in Vergennes.

      1. Tully & Marie's on Bakery Lane.

        1. I don't know but Hen of the Woods in Waterbury, VT is a restaurant that tries hard to be a high-end dinner destination option in Vermont. While not absolutely perfect, I would give them a chance for a special meal.

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            Middlebury and Waterbury are not at all close to each other unless you want to drive an hour to get there. American Flatbread along with great beer from Otter Creek Brewing are two places to check out in Middlebury.

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              What's an hour for a special meal? If you were living in the heart of a metropolis, I''d say sure an hour drive is a little much, but frankly in Vermont you have to drive to find the special places.

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                hen of the wood is worth the drive. but I wouldn't want to drive home after dinner there. quite a long haul over the mountains...

          2. American Flatbread is great but only open on Fri and Sat. Fire and Ice and Two Brothers are good. So is Mister Ups. Try the Watershed Tavern in Brandon... cozy atmosphere, good food, great company.