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Jan 20, 2008 12:25 PM

good delivery?

i bet there have been a million posts on this topic. but i've been looking for a few days now and i can't find them, so i guess i'll just ask.

i'm currently living in midtown toronto (rosedale subway station) and i'm looking for GOOD delivery. we have a pizza hut on the corner but that doesn't count as food. my husband and i are relatively new to toronto and very rarely go out to eat or order in, so we don't really know what's around. we're open to pretty much every type of food but don't have a huge budget. we've called around but are having a sort of hard time finding places that will deliver here, and when we can we don't know if they will be good or not.

so... any good, inexpensive restaurants that deliver to a large radius?

help us please!! we're hungry :)

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  1. Restaurants On the Go list the restaurants they deliver for by location:

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      that's where i've been looking but they don't list any reviews... also it seems that they charge $7 for delivery which is sort of ridiculous...

    2. Looks like you may live a wee bit too far south for Tabule, but see if they'll bend the rules for you... It's very yummy Middle Eastern food, and is a nice change from the ordinary delivery options. Check out their website:

      1. looks like you're just outside of the Amaya Express delivery area too, but they will deliver for an extra charge -

        1701 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4G 2C1, CA

        1. We like Thai Jasmine and The Fireplace Restaurant (sort of 70s style Cantonese-ish Chinese food to be eaten on the couch in front of a movie) for delivery... Delivery is free on orders over $15 before tax...and we are in Yorkville, so I don't imagine you are any further away...

          As to eating out in your 'hood, Pastis Express, and Rebel House (I have had a couple of bad experiences in the past there, but had a nice brunch there today), are within spitting distance on Yonge, Brownes Bistro is up Yonge at Woodlawn, though it's a little pricier...and some people love the Black Camel for lunch... Veda at Davenport does Indian takeout...some people like Lakes at 1112 Yonge...Thai Magic is at 1118 Yonge...and I could go on. You actually live in a decent area for eating out!

          1. For healthy Indian (not your typical Indian though) I order from which is in Yorkville and a location on Church. Inexpensive and yummy. Plus, delivery is free.