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Jul 30, 2001 03:17 PM

Redondo Pier Report -- Joe's

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By some mysterious coincidence with last week's Redondo Pier thread, La Famiglia Grub attended a birthday dinner for twin 7-yr-olds at Joe's Crab Shack. Think Chuck E. Cheese By the Bay or Ed Devebic's Wharfside, only without the gourmet food. Dancing disco servers! Balloon animal hats! Conga lines! 'N Synch! The BeeGees! Picnic tables! Screaming! Sweat! Fun 'o plenty!

And the food: Fried fish! Fried clams! Fried squid! Fried shrimp! You name it, we fry it! On the plus side, there are a few broiled selections, although La Grubbe's halibut was marginal at best. One menu keeper. The Grubman's "stew pot," an oval baking pan stuffed with crawfish, shrimp, mussels, king crab, potatoes & some greens a bit too liberally sprinkled with some Prudhomme Magic, was actually excellent, I think. It's difficult to focus on one sense, when all the others are on overload.

The twin 7-yr-olds loved it. Most folks over, say, 12 seemed to be in agony. Maybe, on a weekday, on the deck overlooking the channel, with careful menu selections ... nah.

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  1. What a funny report! :) Joe's wasn't on my list of places to try, thanks for confirming it.

    I'm headed to the Pier tonight: Unfortunately, it looks like Kincaid's is out for monetary reasons (I'll try it out some other time with the s.o.) My front runner is the Pacific Crab Center/Korean seafood house that was discussed. Will let you know how it goes!

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      I lost out on the restaurant battle-- was vetoed when my companions saw that, at Pacific Fish Center, you have to crack your own crab and shrimp. On top of that, we had a non-seafood-eater with us. Nuts. Next time, I'm headed there.

      We ended up at Tony's Fish Market. Beautiful, gorgeous view. It's right on the edge of the pier, with full windows looking south down Redondo Beach/PV. We luckily got a corner seat and could see the waves crash below us the entire meal. That was the only awesome part of dinner. My soup (clam chowder) was watery and green! (Someone mistook it for cream of broccoli.) My shrimp with sauteed spinach and summer squash over linguini was nicely presented, but had no taste.

      Enough said.