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Jan 20, 2008 11:59 AM

Near Railroad Sq in Santa Rosa?

Any decent places to eat near Railroad Square in Santa Rosa, or a short drive from there?

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  1. What exactly are you looking for? Romantic dinner, quick lunch, three square meals, etc? How far are you willing to drive?

    There are several great places within walking distance. On Fourth St. adjacent to RR square there is Lococo's- an itialian favorite of many locals. For breakfast, also on that side of Fourth, is the Omlette Express. Downtown S.R. there is Flavors- great lunch or dinner spot. Traverso's specialty deli for sandwich's or picnic items including wine.

    You'll have no problem finding tasty spots.

    1. You could try Syrah just a couple blocks north

      1. Check out this thread for lots of recs for the downtown Santa Rosa area:

        Also, you can use the search function to search the board for keywords like "downtown santa rosa", "railroad square santa rosa", "courthouse square santa rosa", "4th Street, fourth street santa rosa".