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Jul 30, 2001 12:03 PM

Which grocery stores have the best strawberries?

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Foolishly I missed my opportunity to buy strawberries at a farmers market over the weekend and now will have to make do with grocery store stuff. Where?

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  1. Try Gelson's or Bristol Farms - I normally like what I see at both places.

    1. For years, the best local strawberries I've found are at Marina Farms in the Culver City area on Centinela just north of Jefferson. [not to be confused with Lopez Farms on Jefferson] Great quality without the Gelson prices. They also have numerous varieties of produce you don't usually see outside the farmers markets. Family owned business, nice people.

      Marina Farms
      5454 S Centinela Ave
      Los Angeles, CA 90066
      (310) 827-3049

      1. Not a grocery market, but rather a stand - Tapia Bros. in Encino, on Hayvenhurst just south of Burbank.