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Jan 20, 2008 10:05 AM

Suggestions welcomed!

I'll be in the DC area at the end of March, and am looking for recommendations for dinner in the Foggy Bottom, downtown, Dupont Circle and Georgetown areas. Price ranges in the $50 per person range are welcome, and all cuisines are of interest.

Many thanks from a hungry 'Nuck!

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  1. for seafood in georgetown try Hook, a relatively new restaurant that is getting many accolades. Also in gtown take a look at Blue Duck Tavern for some solid american fare as well as Pizzeria Paradiso for great pizza and unparalleled beer selection.

    other people will be able to help you with foggy bottom and dupont. oh, and i guess blue duck tavern is technically foggy bottom but that area is so close together....

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      I 2nd the suggestion of Hook. It's wonderful!

      If you will be here during the week I highly recommend checking out one of the best and most delicious deals in town. Taberna del Alberdero, one of the top Spainish restaurants in the area, offers a wonderful Happy Hour Special Monday-Friday. As long as you get there and order by 7pm there is 1/2 off sangria and tapas. The tapas are the best in the city and usually exstremly expensive so the deal is great. It's a hidden gem and totally worth an early meal.

      Another great seafood restaurant is Hank's Oyster Bar in Dupont Circle. They have the best lobster roll in the city, wonderful oysters and fried seafood, as well as a nice meat and two deal. It gives you a nice taste of typical Northeast style seafood.

      Downtown for solid french bistro cuisine I recommend Bistro D'Oc. Other ideas downtown would be Corduroy (which should be in it's new digs by the time you get here) and on the higher end there is Butterfield 9 and Equinox.

      You might also want to consider dining in the Gallery Place/Chinatown area. It's a really hot new restaurant area, plus some great galleries are in the area so if you are interested in doing the touristy thing this would work out. Recommendations would be PS7, Proof, Zola, Jaleo, and Poste.

    2. I would check out the recent thread Must Try (Foggy Bottom, DC), I am on the bf's mac and it is too complicated for me to figure out how to link it quickly or I would.

      I wouldn't miss Central, I think you can do that for $50 pp. Hook is also a great suggestion. I would also get southern food in the U st. area, or perhaps at Vidalia, but that might stretch the budget. I would also perhaps figure out some types of ethnic food you might want there are some good indian places, ethiopian and etc.

      And just search some threads to see what interests you. You have some other great suggestions above Iwould research too. Brasserie Beck also has really good food and an amazing beer selection if you like beer.

      Also perhaps check out the best of 2007 threads. That might help too.

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      1. re: ktmoomau

        For great Southern food in the U St area I would suggest Creme.

        Also in Dupont Circle there is some great Indian cuisine at Heritage. They have a nice happy hour and a "street food" menu which is very cheap.

        1. re: Elyssa

          Also for Indian there is Rasika and Bombay Club which have upscale indian which is excellent.