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Jul 29, 2001 08:12 PM


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I found the greatest tamales at the farmers market in South Pass. (Thursday-4 til 8). I got suspicious when I saw the line going around the corner.

So I joined this line that had the sun right in your eyes but oh my word!!! They had 11 or 12 kinds of tamales. And they are a little different each week. You get a large container of killer sauce if you get half a dozen. ($2.50 a piece!) They had pumpkin the first time I went but thought I would try the next time. But they haven't had them since. I've had the spinach and corn, and other vegetariarn kinds. I do eat chicken and thought it was heavenly. I took some beef and pork to a friend of mine and she thought they were delish.

The best part to me is they have no lard or preservatives. Upstairscafe

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  1. They're Corn Maiden Tamales, which are at just about every weekly farmer's market. Plus they have a store in West L.A., and they do mail order.

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      Where exactly is Corn Maiden in West LA? Their recorded message is not clear on where is it located.
      I usually go to Tamar's Tamales across from the Costco center in Marina del rey.
      Like Corn Maiden, they make around 30 different kinds of tamales.
      You can watch the cooks hand make the tamales while you wait for your order.
      Muy Delicioso!

      1. re: Andrea

        The ability to do a Web search is a talent easily acquired and fun to use.

        Corn Maiden Tamales
        8635 Kittyhawk Avenue
        Los Angeles, CA 90045
        (310) 202-6180

        So's the ability to find and use a mapping program; I suggest this one:


      2. On the Sat market at Pico and Cloverfield in Santa Monica, there are two women who sell tamales in the adjacent park. They usually hide around the fence-bc of the Health Dept. They sell out early.
        The best are the Chicken Mole and Vegetarian.
        $1 each

        Go through the fence at the NW corner of the market-and follow along the fence