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Jan 20, 2008 09:48 AM

MSP Suggestions for Football-Watching Bars

I'm new in town. What are good bars in the area for watching football games?

I've been to Rudolph's BBQ and had a nice time before with a group.

I'm alone today for the early game, though. What is a good comfortable place to go alone?

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  1. I really enjoy 'The Loop' they have tons of tv's, unique atmosphere and great food.
    The specials are great during the night.

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    1. re: ashii

      Thanks for the suggestion! I went to The Loop last night and had a nice time. I had no idea that the Packers were so popular in MN, though! I'm from NY, so I was thankful for the old gentleman sitting next to me who was also cheering for the Giants.

    2. Both The Nook on Hamline near Randolph in St. Paul and The Groveland Tap in St. Paul on St. Clair always have the TV going and have good chow.


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        Ditto for the Shamrock Nook on West 7th and Randolph (same owners/virtually same menu as "The Nook") - and they have a huge screen + lots more tables. Seems like the TV's usually on when I'm there, but I've never actually watched a game there, so you might want to call ahead to confirm that they'll have your game on.

      2. As a Bears fan, I'm partial to Alary's

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        1. re: mplsmike

          How about the Superbowl? Is there a Giants bar or an anti-NE bar somewhere? Or do people in MSP usually go to each other's houses? (That's the general sense I'm getting as I've been here for a couple weeks now.)

          I'm from NY and apparently not used to doing thigs at home since my homes there have been too small to accomodate gatherings. I've moved here from NYC recently and haven't developed a social core yet to have been invited to a Superbowl party.

          Do you MSP hounds have favorite places?

        2. I do not watch football, but if I had to watch a game at a bar, I would try out one of the following:

          1. Bulldog NE - they always have some game on, and the food is terrific.

          2. Champp's, multiple locations. The food is meh, but they offer a great view of the games.

          3. Park Tavern in St. Louis Park. Great dive bowling alley. I am reminded of The Big Lebowski when I am there.