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Jan 20, 2008 09:24 AM

Due Amici Brielle

Has an extensive menue and a bar .During my last visit last spring the veal dishes seem to be popular and were solid .Have not gotten back since ..What is your take on the place lately ..( Note ) The owner of Due Amici 's brother owns il giardinello in Toms River.. very different menue and the seniors got the place tied up . If you happen to get in with your 2 for 1 card your dinner will likely be enjoyable and cheap.. good staff ..BYOB

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  1. Ate there once absoulutly years ago, but would love to see a recent review of the place in that it is very close to the house!

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      The place is worth another stop ..I expect to go back soon ..I will let you know

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        We went last week and had a surprisingly great night. Decent wine list started us off right. Fresh oysters and spedini to start, both very good, although the spedini could have used a bit more garlic. We all split gnocchi michelangelo as a pasta course, not on the menu, but a blend of items that were on the menu. Not only were they very sweet to do that, it was very tasty! My daughter had eggplant for dinner which she loved, hubby had osso bucco, also very good and I had some very tender veal. Meal was rounded out by banana foster made tableside, also delish. We were very pleasantly surprised and will be going back.