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Jan 20, 2008 09:24 AM

Walking distance of Crowne Plaza, San Jose?

Seattle Chowhounder heading to San Jose in a week. Any recommendations of worthwhile places within walking distance of the Crowne Plaza on Almaden? Prefer unique, non-pretentious, even hole-in-the-wall places, but can perhaps splurge on something noteworthy as well.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Walking distance there are a lot of white-table cloth kind of places . . . Il Fornaio (pricey and absolutely erratic service), E&O Trading Co. (fusion, good beer), and a couple I haven't been to in a long time so I can't say much about them, including Paolo's, La Pastaia, and Eulipia. Maybe somebody can give you the latest news on those places. A little more down to earth, and really good, definitely try Los Cubanos on N. Almaden, just north of Santa Clara. If you're willing to walk about ten blocks, Saigon 75 at Santa Clara and 7th. For a quick bite, La Victoria taqueria on Santa Clara between San Pedro and Santa Clara, or Mucho's on Santa Clara between 2nd & 3rd.

      1. For "something noteworthy" w/n walking distance, I'm afraid there's not much in downtown San Jose. Hope I'm wrong. In addition to Judith's rec's there's also 71 Saint Peter, Arcadia in the Marriott hotel & Grill on the Alley at the Fairmont. You can skip Il Fornaio, Paolo's, & La Pastaia (nothing worthwhile). Perhaps you can check out Yelp...found a good review for The Flying Martini Brothers Bar & Bistro but couldn't find a website.

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          Arcadia has continued its downhill trend in the past years.

        2. Picasso's Tapas, on East Santa Clara between Market and First. Unpretentious, good Spanish food. (Not to be confused with the other Picasso's in San Pedro Square.)

          1. Thanks for the suggestions so far!