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Jul 29, 2001 04:50 PM

Aimee's in Redondo Beach

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Aimee's is a small French Bistro in a strip mall on PCH. The food was good, but not exciting. I had moules marniere to start (nothing compared to Plouf in S.F.) and my friend had escargot (served sans shell). We followed this with filet with a red wine reduction sauce and gorgonzola cheese and duck with a blackberry sauce. My friend thought the steak was tasty & tender. I liked the mahogany colored skin on the duck which had a delectable sweetness to it. The duck was a little dry, but very tender. It was accompanied by sliced, sauteed potatoes, a couple of spears of asparagus and two small carrots. The dessert selections were presented on a tray and looked OK but neither of us had room. The French burgundy wine I had was quite good. It's not a place to get terribly excited about but was quite good for this part of the South Bay. Personally, I loathed the accordian music that the owner insisted was "common in French restaurants". (I have never experienced this in any restaurant in France).

The accordianist roamed around the restaurant and when he was close he drowned out conversation.

There were many menu selections that I would return for...sea bass, osso bucco, etc.

800 So. Pacific Coast Hwy
tel. 310-316-1081

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  1. Chacun a son gout. My wife and I ate here a few months ago to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement, after specifically searching for a restaurant in LA that DID offer accordion music. Richard Foss recommended this, and we were quite taken with the place -- nowhere near as "authentic" of decor as many other bistro's in town, but a warm welcome from Aimee, and accordion music just like we experienced in an amazing winebar in Paris on the night we were engaged, was quite wonderful.

    As I believe posted earlier, we found the Salmon from the prix fixe more than decent -- good salmon, well prepared -- and the potato leek quite enjoyable. Nothing earth shaking, but good and satifying. The sea bass with a balsamic reduction, however, was earth shaking. Sweet and savory all at once, my wife polished off her plate in a way that, well, usually I only get around to.

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      When I was in elementary school we had "Assembly" every Friday and were subjected to whatever "talent" they could dredge up from the classes. I remember two: an accordianist and a flutist. I guess my dislike started then (although I don't mind flutes) and hasn't improved. But I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think it makes a huge difference, too, when you have your fond memories.

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        I dined at Aimee's on Friday evening and had a very good pan-roasted veal chop with an intense herbed stock reduction. My wife chose the chicken breast stuffed with sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and goat cheese, which came to the table with the skin crisp and delicious. It was French comfort food rather than cutting edge stuff, but one doesn't go to this restaurant for a culinary high-wire act. I have found Aimee's to be reliably good and the service from Madame Aimee and her staff to be consistently warm and welcoming. There are days when I treasure that combination vastly more than brilliant creations served by a staff with a double dose of highfalutin' attitude.

        As regards accordion music, I suffered through years of lessons on that very instrument and am not much of a fan, though I recently heard a street musician who did surprisingly good renditions of "Paint it Black" and "Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor." I would prefer a different instrument for my dinner music, but it is probably too much to hope that Aimee will hire a bagpiper any time soon.