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Jan 20, 2008 09:04 AM

I hate my LC grill pan!

I bought it a couple years ago at the outlet and didn't spend a fortune on it fortunately.

I've never loved it and two years later I still don't love it. It's such a pain to clean!

I've tried seasoning it and it still sticks....I know others here have had trouble with this same pan. Anyone have success with seasoning?

This is the only pan in our kitchen we have trouble clearning. Is that just how this thing is? Any reason I shouldn't toss it in the Goodwill pile?

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  1. Well, you're having trouble seasoning this pan because it won't season. The cooking surface is not bare cast iron -- it's a matte enamel, thus non-porus, hence no seasoning.

    Not sure about problems with sticking though as I've never personally used this pan; I assume you're getting it nice and hot before anything goes down on it, and frying with a wee bit of oil.

    1. I have these problems as well, even though I followed the LC website's cleaning directions to a T. I searched around online, including here on CH, and found that the consensus among users is that it's simply not a good product.

      1. If you haven't already, try coating it with a little oil before cooking. After cooking, once it's cooled down enough to handle, scrub it with a stiff bristle brush under hot, hot water to get off as much of that cooked on muck as you can. Then spray it with Dawn Power Dissolver (I know, I know, NOT what LC recomends, but at this point, what the heck!), let it sit for an hour, then do the hot water, scrub brush thing again. Works for me, hope it will for you, too.

        1. Well,I hated my lc pans ffrom the beginning. I bought a grill pan and small fry pan. I tossed the grill pan after using it many times. Hated it. The surface was odd and did not perform as I thought. The frypan performs ok, but it got a chip in center of the pan. When I complained to company they pretty much said too bad. So i would never recommend lc. I finally bought some allclad. I love it. A bit hard to keep clean,but who cares dh does the dishes!

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            No! Don't give up on LC. Their grill pans and fry pans suck. Won't go anywhere near them. I use a few cast iron pans and All-clad fry pans instead. However, LC is beautiful for dutch ovens. I make stocks, soups, braised dishes and stir-fries in them.

          2. I have a small square grill pan from LC. I bought it at the WS outlet a few years ago also. I agree-I hate using it because it is such a pain to clean. I have a small scrubby brush I use to clean it. It works pretty well, but I still find little pieces of burned on food falling out next time I use it.